Using Recycled Materials for Art Projects


Just about anyone that’s gone to grade school has used recycled materials for art projects.  I remember having to save milk jugs & empty cans to take to school many times for one thing or another.  Those were some of my favorite things to do!  Taking an object meant for the trash and turning it into something new was like magic to me.  Nowadays I usually recycle things into something useful like the utensil rack I made for my kitchen.  Sometimes, I like to make art with recycled objects.  This also lets me experiment with different crafting techniques – something I love to do!  Today I’m using different types of paint on a metal object & a stone object.  I had a plan when I started, but that can easily change when you’re making art! ; )

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My Supplies

This project all started with me remembering I had this broken pizza stone.  I also had one more piece of old flashing that I wanted use in a different way than my previous flashing projects {seen here & here}.  My intent in the beginning was to use them in one piece, but I may have changed my mind!  I used several different types of paint and ink for this project, some are shown in the picture below.  There will be links throughout if you want to know more about them.

I’m not completely finished with this, so if you’re looking for a finished project, it’s not here!  I think you’ll see the direction I’m headed in and I promise to post a finished picture soon.  ; )

Broken Pizza Stone

I’ve had this broken pizza stone for a few years now, but I’m not completely sure how it broke.  That part doesn’t really matter, the shape is what interests me here.

I decided to paint it first, using some black enamel paint.  This paint is intended for glass & ceramics.  I’ve never painted a pizza stone {& no paint says it’s made for pizza stone} so I decided to try it out.  Like a paint experiment!

It coated really well, but you can really see the brush strokes.  After it dried, I decided to sand it with a fine grit sandpaper.  That big spot of paint missing is where I pulled up a stuck paint brush bristle.

Next I swirled on some grey chalk paint to lighten it up a bit.  I don’t think either of these paints would stay put without a clear coat of some kind.  Maybe it’s because of all the pizza grease!

Before the paint completely dried I added some drops of blue alcohol ink.

Interesting.  I added some pearl alcohol ink to the blue drops then I dotted the dots with a silver paint pen.  You need to make sure paint is fully loaded in the tip of the pen and you will have to wipe the pen tip off several times because it will pick up the other paint/ink.  I sprayed this with a little alcohol blending solution too.

This is looking sort of like a crater…

The alcohol pulled up some of the water based paints and gave it a little texture.

Next I stippled on some white acrylic paint with a coarse brush using a dry brush technique.

Then I hit it with several squirts of rubbing alcohol and lightly tapped it in with the {uncleaned} brush.

This really pulled up the other paint in some areas, but it’s giving me lots of texture.  I can add more paint later!  Since I have to wait for this to dry out before doing anything else, this is all I have for the pizza stone right now.  Let’s take a look at the old flashing!

Painting Old Flashing

I’m actually using the shiny side for this project!  Originally I was going to color on it with sharpies and blend it with alcohol.  That wasn’t working too well because of the rough texture of the metal.

After experimenting on it with alcohol ink, I washed it all off {so I thought} and painted it with the black enamel paint.  Then I rubbed that off because it covered too much of the metal.  This left me with some darker spots where the alcohol int had been.  I’m digging it!

After it was dry, I dotted on some different colors using paint pens.

I used a mini mister to hit it with some alcohol blending solution.  Then I swirled it around with my finger {best tool ever!}.

I also did this with some colored sharpies

Then I added some alcohol ink….

I flicked some white paint at it and messed around with it some more.  I think I’m done with this part!

Can you guess what I’m doing yet?

That’s all I have for you today!  If you want to see some more recycled art, check out this article for some really awesome pieces.  Y’all have a great weekend!


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