Bits & Pieces Jewelry Box Makeover


I’ve been promising a jewelry box makeover for two months now and I’m finally done!  This turned out better than I had hoped!  It’s much more functional for jewelry storage, even though it’s a little “Frankenstein-ed” together.  You also can’t really call it a box anymore!  This is a fairly long post with lots of pictures because I didn’t want to miss any details.  I hope y’all enjoy my jewelry box makeover as much as I do!

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Out with the Old

Previously I showed you a (very dark) picture of my current jewelry storage situation:

My husband bought this jewelry box for me many years ago & it worked just fine for awhile.  I’ve accumulated quite a bit more jewelry since then.  This box just doesn’t work for my longer necklaces, which is why they were hanging from pushpins.  Here’s the box all opened & cleaned out.  I did purge some of my collection!

The first thing I did was take the whole thing apart.  I’m using the side panels & the mirrored top along with some other bits & pieces.  I also removed that lovely green velvet interior.

I used an old towel rack to store my necklaces during the remodel.  Then I thought, this is perfect for my necklaces!

This used to hold my patterns before I found an awesome old filing cabinet for $10 at a yard sale.  I had painted it red to match my work space, but I wanted to take it back to the original gold finish.  The rubbery sandpaper my dad gave me was perfect for this job!  Unfortunately it took off the gold too!  {By the way, this is called “flexible” sand paper not rubbery – but that’s how it feels!}

So I painted it with some left over coppery paint that I used to paint my outdoor chairs.

I painted the panels & mirror with Americana Decor chalk paint in Vintage.

Then I roughed up the edges and added some gold details.  Everything also got a coat of clear wax.

Now it was time to tackle the interior of the panels.  I had an old set of paint that was supposed to give a “faux leather” look.  I couldn’t find the set online anymore but here’s a link to an antique copper set.   You spray on a coat of what looked like a too rusty orange base.

The second part of the treatment looked kind of purple-y gray & I thought I’d have to try something else.  Once it dried, it was a deep red, but not really leathery looking.

I loved the way it looked with the exterior paint, so I kept it!

Time for details!

Box Number 1

The refinished towel rack will be the center piece & hold all the necklaces.  I needed the two side panels to hold rings, bracelets, and earrings.  First, I wanted to fill in the holes left from the hinges.

These aged brass upholstery tacks are perfect!  They were stuck in a candle for decoration, so I just pulled them out.

I had to use some e6000 glue to help hold them in because the screw holes were bigger.

I also didn’t realize they were a little longer than the screws when I hammered them in!  Oops!

Just a little tap to back them up a bit & some touch up paint fixed it right up!  Next, I added some chicken wire to hold earrings.  I used the screws leftover from taking apart the jewelry box to hold it in place.  This chicken wire was part of the kit that I got the decorative grating from for my DIY utensil rack.

Next, I added a wooden pear shaped tray I thrifted for 50 cents.  I positioned it in the panel & marked a line with a sharpie.  This helped determine where to stop the glue!

There’s a little glue behind the pear stem too for extra security.  I also added an old silver plated spoon to the top, just for fun!  

While this box was drying, I worked on the second box.

Box Number 2

I gathered the supplies for the second box, which will hold bracelets & rings.  In the mix are 4 silver plated forks, 3 bronze curtain hangers, a ceramic leaf dish, & a ceramic lid.  Curious yet?

I bent the forks & arranged them & the leaf dish like this:

I’m going to attach the forks close to the outer edges of the box with screws, from the original jewelry box.  Then I’ll use the e6000 glue to hold the dish in place, just like the wooden tray.

I marked & pre-drilled all the holes before attaching everything with the screws.  Bracelets can be slipped right over the end of the forks!  Trust me, I tested it before committing!

One fork is on the side for extra storage.

That ceramic lid goes on top with the help of some glue.  Just a little more fun, but something could hang from it!  I had a ceramic hot chocolate pot that was super cute.  Well, it “fell” in the floor one day and broke!  This lid is all I have left!

Finishing Touches

I also added some little bits & pieces to the mirrored panel.  A carousel token, flower beads from a broken bracelet, the knob off an old light fixture, & a plastic “drink” mermaid are sure to make me smile when I’m checking out myself in the mirror!

The two knobs from the side panels got added to the top of the mirror along with some more upholstery tacks at the bottom to fill in screw holes.


The mirror will hang above one panel to the side of the towel rack, so I needed something to go with the other panel.  The frame needed some touch ups & I really didn’t want another mirror.  While deciding what to do, I gave the black plastic frame a coat of light blue acrylic paint.  Then I brushed over it with my gold metallic lustre.

I decided to paint the back side of the mirror with chalk board paint.  Then I could leave myself encouraging messages!


Everything is dried and ready to be assemble on the wall, but first I need to add hangers!  Probably should have done that before decorating the front.  Oops!

Hanging it Up

I was determined when I started this project to not have to buy anything for the project.  I had to get a little creative with the hangers to accomplish this!

Eye hooks & a wire are attached to the two boxes on the back.

Then I attached two hooks from the jewelry box onto the wall.  Wallah!  Hangers!  These were used for the towel rack as well.

I had one picture cleat that I attached to the mirrored panel & the painted frame already had a hanger.  All that I needed to do was add a screw to hang them on.

Here’s the completed “jewelry box” makeover!

Other than the fact that I really need to move everything from the center to the left over an 1″ I’m really pleased with the way this came out!  Sorry about the lighting!  My bedroom is really dark & I guess I could have opened a window!

I used my Ottlite & it’s glaring a little!

Still need to put all the jewelry on it, but I’ve been fighting a cold the past two days & the pillow is calling my name!

Guess what?  I found my putty knife in the paint bin!

If you read my Monday post, you know I really needed this, but couldn’t find it.  Here it is, in all it’s glory.  Why it’s in the paint bin I really don’t know!

Come back Friday for my Monthly Rehash & see what I’ve been doing with my “spare” time & what’s coming up next month on the blog.  Hope y’all are having a wonderful Wednesday!




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  1. Mary - the boondocks blog says:

    Wow that is pure genius! I love how you repurposed all of these items to come up with a great solution to your necklace and jewelry problem. Love this idea! Don’t worry about the blogger problems we all go through a leaning curve. It took me 6 months before I realized what a link party was. 🙂

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thanks Mary! I still have some leftover parts for two more projects. 🙂 I’m definitely still learning every day about being a blogger, but I love it!

  2. Sam @ Raggedy Bits says:

    What an awesome makeover Kristie!! I just LOVE that you used all repurposed goodies and how you used the cutlery!! So clever!

    Thank you so much for sharing your clever project with us over at Waste Not Wednesday!!

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thank you Sam! I always enjoy Waste Not Wednesday, even if I have nothing to link up. There are so many great projects to see! : )

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