Finishing the Cheese Box Makeover


It’s Friday and the first day of Fall Break for our school system!  Five whole days to get some projects done!  First on my list is finishing my cheese box makeover.  I already turned the lid into a reversible fall sign, so now it’s time to makeover the box itself.  This is what it looked like before, in case you don’t remember:


I put that fabric, which is layered over batting, on with hot glue.  The fabric itself was easy enough to pull off, but the batting was a different story!

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Tools Used

Just FYI, that Cricut scraper was used along with the heat gun to remove leftover hot glue!  Not just for the Cricut!tools

  • heat gun – I borrowed this one from my son, but it will be staying in my studio! (hee hee!)
  • sandpaper – I used a coarse grit and a fine grit.  I like to buy an assorted pack to be ready for whatever!
  • paint brush – This was used to dust off after using the sandpaper.
  • silver ribbon – I’d say this is optional depending on what you prefer!
  • permanent tape runner
  • spray paint – I used Krylon Cover Maxx in Ivory/Satin.







Painting the Outside

Once I had wrangled all the fabric off the interior and pulled off most of the batting, I took it outside for a re-paint.  I used the finer sandpaper to just knock off some of the loose stuff.


Y’all I spent most of the day, after it was dry, removing the rest of the hot glue!  At least I got a good arm workout! Once the paint is dry, use the heat gun to bubble it up a bit.  Another FYI here, the purple spots you see showing through are because I painted this on top of a garbage bag full of yard trash.  That’s why I didn’t get the greatest coverage!  I kinda like it. (grin)


I love the texture this gave it!


The Interior

I started off trying to get a “burned” effect with my hand held lighter – that’s why it’s in the picture above.  It did work on the edges some, but it really wasn’t worth the effort, so I turned back to the heat gun.  With it on the highest setting, it did scorch the wood.  Just be careful because it can set things on fire!


It took a little longer on the sides, but eventually I got the effect I was looking for!



I decided to add the silver ribbon to the edges to mimic the metal banded one I saw at Time & Tide – A Collective last weekend.  It was awesome, but it was also $40!  Totally worth it, since it was an antique, but out of my budget.  I just used a permanent tape runner to adhere the ribbon to the outer edge.


Now it’s all finished!

cheese box makeover

I plan on turning this into a shelf for the wall, but I need something to hang it with.  Maybe I’ll find something really awesome to hang it with at the 100 Mile Peanut Pickin’ Yardsale!  It’s tomorrow and I can’t wait!  I’ll be posting on Instagram about my adventures, so check it out!  Better yet, maybe I’ll see some of y’all there!




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