Easy Christmas Gifts – Part One


I’ve decided to do a series on easy Christmas gifts every Monday in November.  There will be handmade gifts and online gifts on my list, so something for everyone!

I’m following Sew Mama Sew’s Handmade Holidays.  They have a list of handmade gifts for a certain category every day.  They are not all sewn projects, something for all crafters can be found.  I will pick my favorite from each list and show you what I’ve made on Monday.  I’ll show you tips and any changes I make to my items.

Don’t worry all you non-crafty people!  I plan to list an item or two from Amazon that will fit the category too.  Even though I think a few of these might make you want to get crafty!

Easy Christmas Gifts

The title for each category will link to it’s list on Sew Mama Sew.  The link for the project takes you directly to the site with the tutorial for the project I chose.  Now, on with the gifty goodness!

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you buy something through my link or ad.  This does not change your cost it just helps keep this blog running.  Thanks for your support!  See Privacy Policy for more information.

Category 1 – Gifts for Students

Since students really come in all ages, this list has something for everyone!  My pick from the list was the sunglass case.  I decided to make mine wider and add a drawstring because I wear fairly large sunglasses.  The bag is a little short because I just used some fabric I had that was already cut!  These are the fabrics I’m using.


The glasses do still fit – sideways!  If you want to add a drawstring too, just leave a small opening in the seams of the outer and inner fabric.  Then stitch around the bag to make a casing.  Since I’m making multiples, I needed to mark this opening on several bags.  Just stack and stagger the fabric and use a ruler to mark them all at once.

marking-multiples multiples-marked

Here’s my finished bag.


The inside is lined with red satin.


I will probably just use these as travel jewelry bags and cut out some more (at the right length) for sunglasses!

Here’s a great non-crafty idea for this category.  A care package for students away at college is the perfect way to show -well – that you care!  They have several to choose from and college students always welcome food!

Category 2 – Gifts for Travelers

My pick from this list is the sleep mask.  Mostly because I already had some made!  The one shown in the list is almost exactly like mine!


My tip for these is to quilt the top a little before sewing the front and back together.  This just gives it a little more pizzazz!

If you know someone who travels frequently, I think these travel packing cubes would be very useful.  I’m kind of a home body, but when I do go on vacation my husband and I share a bag.  Having something to keep things separated a bit better.


Category 3 – Gifts for Four Legged Friends

Do you have a stocking for your pet?  I have two dogs and they both have stockings!  My pick from this list is the dog coat.  I used my dog’s old coat for a template, but the link shows you how to measure your dog for that custom fit!


Corduroy and plaid will keep my dog looking sharp!  I still need to add velcro, but I need to make a trip to the craft store.  The only store trip that I like!

Here’s a cute, already made, doggy rain coat to keep your four legged friend dry.  It’s pack-able and has rubber duckies on it, what more could you want?

Category 4 – Gifts for Playtime

Ok, I fell a little short on this category!  My pick is the mermaid tail blanket because they are everywhere right now!  I haven’t made one yet, but I know of several little girls in my family that would love one.  There’s even an alteration to make a shark tail blanket.  I will post pictures as soon as I can get them made!

Know a someone that loves Ever After dolls?  They are up to 40% off in today’s Amazon Deal of Day.

Category 5 – Stocking Stuffers

This list has great little items that would work for Secret Santa too!  My pick from this list is the chap-stick holder.  I have a tube of chap-stick stashed everywhere and this will make it easier to find.  I added a ribbon tab at the top and used a binder ring instead of a keyring.  Binder rings are just easier to use in my opinion!


I think I will make it a little shorter next time!

I love stocking stuffers!  We also have an advent calendar that requires fun little items.  I probably spend more time looking for things for stockings than I do looking for gifts!  My top stocking stuffer has got to be a mini Nerf gun.  I give them to my husband and son almost every year and they have so much fun!

Category 6 – Gifts for Geeks

My pick for this category was the tile coasters.  This was one of my favorite projects!  It’s so easy to do and looks so amazing!  Although I didn’t add the Dr. Who Tardis because it’s so specific, a galaxy coaster is still awesome!


It’s still drying in this picture and I need to clear coat it still.  It took like 5 minutes!  These white tiles are so inexpensive, I’ve even seen them at Habitat for Humanity before.  I could see this paired with a fun coffee mug like the one below.  Just add some coffee or hot cocoa and it’s the perfect gift!

That’s all I have for today.  I hope y’all got some inspiration to make at least one gift this year.  By the way, the chap-stick holder can be attached to the sunglass bag for a great gift duo!


Come back next week for more easy Christmas gift ideas!





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  1. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Kristie! My name is Brenda and I found your blog by clicking on a link at Sew Mama Sew in the comment section of the Christmas Gifts for Students. I enjoyed each of the projects that you selected. The dog coat is the one that really got my attention and I remembered the patterns I bought a few years ago of doggie clothes. I signed up to follow your blog by Google which I have never done before; I have always signed up by email. So not sure what to expect. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Hi Brenda! I’m so happy to have you join my adventures. I send all my posts out to Google Plus too, so you should get a notification when I do. Thank you again for joining!

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