Movie Memories Picture Frame Makeover


I know I hinted at a refashion for today but my weekend did not allow for it!  Bummer!  I do have a quick picture frame makeover for you today, so yay!  Hopefully I’ll get to do some more refashions/sewing this week.  I’m getting my son and myself ready for school, which starts Friday!  Eeek!  So much to do still!  On with the makeover!

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Movie Memories Picture Frame Makeoversupplies

Here are my supplies:

  • old picture frame – Check out thrift stores and yard sales for great deals on frames!  Even if you don’t like what’s in the frame, the frame itself is very useful!
  • paint – I used spray paint for the plastic and a brush on acrylic for the frame
  • glue – I used this E6000 glue to make sure things stay put on the frame and Elmer’s Craftbond glue sticks to hold down the ticket stubs.
  • ribbon – I just happen to have this ribbon that reminds me of movie frames
  • spice shaker tops – These are leftover from another project, but they are on most spices so start collecting!
  • ticket stubs – I have been collecting these since my son was little.
  • cardstock/scrapbook paper – To glue the ticket stubs onto.

I painted the frame with the acrylic paint, which I’ve had for ages!  I did not sand the frame since it’s kinda old and a little scruffy already.  The paint I used is not available any more, but you could try some chalk paint.

painting frame

Lay out the spice shaker tops on some newspaper, making sure the side you want to show is facing up.  Spray them down with a good
coat of paint.  Time to layout the ticket stubs while the paint’s drying!

painting covers

I picked out some shiny silver scrapbook paper for the background.  This will give a sturdy back to the ticket stubs.  I really like this glue!  It is definitely more “grippy” than the standard glue stick.glue and paper

After going through my collection and eliminating duplicates, I decided on a layout before gluing it down.  I chose to overlap the tickets so you only see the movie title and date.  This allowed me to fit more on the paper.  Since my scrapbook paper was only 12″x12″, I needed to add a piece of paper at the top.  I used a contrasting piece and used it for my title – Movie Memories.

ticket layout

I inserted the memory board into the frame and used the E6000 glue to attach the spice shaker tops.  Please note this glue takes 24 to 72 hours to set up.  So let it cure before hanging it on the walcovers added

Finally I wrapped the ribbon around the “wheels” to mimic movie film!  I did use a toothpick with some E6000 to secure the ribbon in place.


Now all those memories are organized and ready for display!  I saved the duplicates to use in a memory book for my son.

That’s all for today!  Hope y’all are having a marvelous Monday and I’ll  see y’all again on Wednesday!

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