Repurposed Office Organizer with Succulent Planter


It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for some more DIY goodness!  Today I’m showing you another repurpose of my old jewelry box parts.  I decided to turn this part into an office organizer with a bonus planter top.  Now I’ll have some greenery to liven up my office/entry.  Yeah, my “office” is in my front door entry area!  Not the best solution, but we don’t really use our front door much, so it works for now. : )  Maybe this little project will make me want to get in there & clean up some paper piles!

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Painting the Interior

The jewelry box part I’m using for today’s project is the very center with the drawers.

First I needed to a little clean up before painting!  There was some glue & foamy bits left in the top where I removed the glorious green velvet.  I took care of that with the heat gun & razor blade.  This was a similar process to cleaning up my cheese box project, just not quite as tedious!

I was going to remove the green velvet from all the drawers too, but it did not want to leave!  I wound up cleaning it up as best I could with a lint brush.

Then I thought this would be a perfect time to test painting a textured fabric for my upcoming chair makeover.  I painted a small part with some fabric paint I had on hand.  It seemed to do okay, but I really didn’t have enough plus I didn’t love the red.  I decided to try spray paint.  Uhhhhhh……..

Not so great!  I had to really saturate it to get it to show the color.  The orange is a flat Rustoleum spray paint.  I decided to try a dark blue satin I had on hand.

That was much better!  It blended in better with the green & didn’t need as much paint.  I used Rustoleum LeakSeal in black for the top part because I want to put plants in it.  I’ve never used this before, so I’m hoping it works!  I put a fairly thick coat in the corners.

Once everything was dry, I decided to keep the one orange drawer as is.  It’s not as great as the blue, but it’s going to be hidden most of the time anyway.

Painting the Exterior

I chose to use chalk paint for the exterior.  This jewelry drawer is made of pressed wood with a laminate over it.  Chalk paint gives the best finish with the least amount of work!  I used DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish in primitive for the fronts of the drawers.

And I used the same brand in vintage for the sides of the drawer base.  I also dry brushed some golden yellow acrylic over the chalk paint on the sides.

To give the drawers some extra punch, I decoupaged a light weight scrapbook paper on the sides.

Two of the drawers didn’t have handles anymore since I used them for my jewelry organizer.  I added a little silver metallic lustre to the ones with missing handles.  Using e6000 glue I attached a broken coffee mug handle to one drawer.

And another handle of some sort I found in my yard.  I find all kinds of broken glass  ceramics in my yard & I have no idea where it comes from!

I glued a key & keyhole to each side of the drawer to help cover up holes left from the jewelry box hardware.


The it was ready to assemble!  I added potted succulents to the planter area.  They need to be removable so I can take them to the window sometimes.  No windows in my office!


And here are some “glamour shots”!

It’s amazing what natural lighting does for a photo!

That dried gourd in the front is a loofah gourd.  When you rub off the outside you have a loofah scrubber!  I’m hoping to grow more this year.

Okay, now I need to clean up my office so I can actually use this!  Hope y’all are having a wonderful Wednesday!




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      It’s making me pretty happy too! I’ve got one more project coming up to use the last big piece! 🙂

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