How to Turn a Cheesebox Lid into a Reversible Fall Sign


It’s finally Friday and it actually feels like Fall!  Did y’all miss me Wednesday?  I had some “technical issues” going on that were beyond my control, so I couldn’t do my post.  I’m back today to show you how to turn a cheesebox lid into a reversible fall sign.  Who doesn’t love decor that does double duty?  This was supposed to be a 2 part tutorial, but since I missed Wednesday, it’s all in one.  Let’s get started!


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  • cheese box lid – I’m using the one I had refinished once and decided to re-purpose again!  If you can’t find a cheese box lid, a paper mache lid will work too.
  • paint brushes/sponge – Y’all I need new ones!  I’m always forgetting to wash them out before I go do something else.
  • craft paper, paper towel tube – My craft paper is brown paper I got out of packages I received in the mail.
  • acrylic paint – These are the ones I used.  {AB}=Apple Barrel; {FA}=Folk Art
    • real blue {AB}
    • king’s gold {AB}
    • cardinal red {AB}
    • licorice {FA}
    • lemongrass {Anita’s}
    • violet {Anita’s}
  • spray paint –  I used a cream and navy blue.
  • gold and black paint pens
  • elk and deer template – If you have a Cricut, you should be able to cut one out with that.  I have one, but didn’t think to use it!
  • E6000 glue – I’m really getting good use out of the tube I bought!
  • temporary adhesive –  The one I used is no longer available, but the link is to one made for stencils.
  • old wire hanger
  • pliers and wire cutters – These should be in every crafter’s tool box!
  • sandpaper
  • electric drill with small bit

Here’s a little tip for how to keep all those stencils and templates organized.  I keep mine in a 3″ binder using plastic sleeves for the ones I cut out and I punch holes in the plastic ones.  This keeps them all in one place and neat and tidy!


Painting the Front

  1. Prime the cheese box, front and back with the cream colored spray paint.  This will give a better surface to paint on.
  2. See one.
  3. Attach the template to the front of the box using the temporary adhesive.  I backed my printed cut out with freezer paper to make it sturdier.
  4. Using a sponge, paint layers one at a time.  I used cardinal red, king’s gold, and violet.  See Family Fridge Magnet post for more details on the technique.
  5. Remove the template.
  6. Trace the outline with a gold paint pen.  I looked at the template to add some details that were missing.


Painting the Back

  1. Using a fine grit sand paper, I sanded the edges and interior of the cheese box to knock off some of the burly bits.
  2. Dust off the sanded parts.
  3. I painted the edges using the navy spray paint.
  4. Paint the interior edges as well.  Don’t worry about the over-spray.
  5. Using a sponge, paint layers one at a time.  I used real blue and violet.  See Family Fridge Magnet post for more details on the technique.
  6. Twist up the paper towel roll and craft paper to make tree branches.  Remember a tree has balance, not symmetry.  Once you’re okay with the layout, glue it down.
  7. When the glue sets, paint the tree with the licorice acrylic paint.  A stippling brush works best for this.
  8. I added little creatures with the licorice paint and highlighted the eyes, moon, and stars with lemongrass paint.


The Hanger

  1. Grab one of those old wire hangers you get from the cleaners, which should not be used to hang clothes on by the way!
  2. Cut the hanger just below the first bend with the wire cutters.  Make sure to use heavy duty ones or it’s going to be difficult!  I have misplace mine. (grin)
  3. I bent the top into a sort of pumpkin stem shape {?} with the pliers.
  4. Mark hole placement on the top of the lid where the bend starts.  Make sure the sign is facing the correct way.
  5. Drill a hole at placement marks.  Be gentle because it’s not very thick.  I just picked a drill bit that was about the size of the wire hanger.
  6. Insert the cut hanger into the holes and bend under to hold in place.


I added “Fall Dawn” to the front because it reminds me of the dawning light on a fall morning.  I just used the gold paint pen and highlighted it with the black paint pen.


I added “Fall Dusk” to the back since dusk is when all the creep crawlies come out!  Now I have a decorative sign to use during fall and with a quick flip I’m ready for Halloween.



I hope this will inspire everyone to “think outside the box” or maybe just remove the lid!


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