Upcycled Sewing Storage


Today I’m going to show you how I took some upcycled objects & turned them into much-needed sewing storage.  Most of my little sewing notions are in plastic cups which is not working for me!  I needed something that was easy to access for my most used sewing supplies.  This was fairly easy to put together & I think it would work for other small storage as well.

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Making the Organizer

This is what I started out with:

A rusting mini bundt pan, chipped teacup & saucer, & an old glass candlestick.  The first thing I did was paint the pan.

I used Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover in Seaside on the top & left the bottom unpainted because I like the two-tone look.

I decided on a layout for my other items then grabbed the e6000 glue.

The candlestick fit better upside down, so I had to put the glue just on the rim.

I used a sharpie to kind of mark where the glue should be for the plate.  It hangs over the dips in the pan, so it didn’t need glue all around.

Once everything was glued down, I decided to add pincushions!

Making the Pincushions

I wanted the pincushions to look mushroom-like.  This red & white polka do fabric was perfect for that!

For the first pincushion I just cut out a rectangle along the fold lines.

I folded it in half along the crease & stitched around the three sides, leaving a small opening for turning.

Turn it inside out & it’s ready for stuffing!

I used a very technical method to make the second pincushion…

This tape roll is the perfect size & shape!  I traced around it onto the fabric & cut it out, allowing for a seam.  The muslin is for the bottom to make it look more like a mushroom.

Stitch it together, leaving a small opening for turning, & clip the curves.

I turned it inside out, stuffed it, & sewed the opening closed.  Looks mushroom-y to me!

I wanted my mushroom top pincushion to be permanent, so I added more e6000 to the rim of the teacup.

I stuck the pincushion on and wallah!  Mushroom pincushion!

It was missing something, so I chained 3 stitches with some fuzzy green yarn & I had a caterpillar!

I sewed it on with regular thread, but it could be glued on as well.  The rectangular pincushion got one too!

So cute!  Time to fill it up!

Upcycled Sewing Organization Complete

This holds my binding clips & binding makers

It also holds band-aids & wipes for sewing injuries (clumsy lady here!).  I also have to have lip balm nearby!

My straight pins are on the larger pincushion, since it’s not attached.  I also have my little snips on the plate.  Needles are in the mushroom pincushion.

My little caterpillar is right at home there!

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  1. Leanna says:

    Great little tutorial Kristie. The polka dot material is wonderful. I obviously don’t sew as often as you do and need to make some pin cushions. Great idea especially the little mushroom.

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