Weekly Health Journal ~ May 2017

This is a weekly health journal about my journey to find peace with my health & body.  I will add to this page for every week in the month listed, with the newest entry at the top.  A new page will be added when a new month rolls around.  Questions & comments are welcome, but please be kind!

Week of April 28th to May 4th ~>

In my last entry, I told y’all about the pain I was experiencing in my hips & legs.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday for a check up & to see what my lab results were.  There was two pages of lab results that showed nothing!  Plus, the lab neglected to do my thyroid level tests.  This left me a little frustrated!  My doctor said all my symptoms sounded like inflammation, but I’d have to go to a specialist & do more tests to find out more.  Sigh.

I’ve decided to to my own investigating!  I’m going to keep a health/food log for the next month & see if I can’t pinpoint what may be causing these symptoms.  I feel like this might give me more answers, but it may just cause more questions.

My Goals:

  • Log food eaten for the month
  • Log physical activities for the month
  • Write down health issues experienced after certain foods and/or activities
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