Painted Pine Cones for Fall Decor


It’s finally Friday y’all!!  As usual it’s been go, go, nap, go around here as I prepare fall decorations and get my husband ready for hunting season.  Anyone else a “hunting widow” on the weekends?  I don’t mind because I get so much done while he’s away!  Today I’m going to show you how to use painted pine cones in fall decor.  I’ll also show you some different techniques to paint them.  Let’s get started!

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The main thing you need, of course, is pine cones.  I picked mine up out of my front yard.  Just be sure any pine cones you pick up are okay to take.  Also, give them a good shake before bringing them inside, you never know what’s hiding inside them!paint-supplies

  • acrylic paint – You can buy these individually at most craft stores.  If you’re just starting out painting with acrylics, buy a set like this one or this one.  Then fill in as you need it!  These are the ones I used – {FA} = FolkArt and {AB} = Apple Barrel.
    • pure gold {AB}
    • king’s gold {AB}
    • creamy peach {AB}
    • cardinal red {FA}
    • caribbean {AB}
    • deep ocean blue {FA}
    • cloudless {AB}
    • metallic inca gold {FA}
  • stippling brushes – These work really well for this because they hold up to the poky pine cones.
  • newspaper, paper plate, cardboard, etc. – for mixing the paint on and to protect the surface you’re working on
  • garden gloves – this is optional since the pine cones are very prickly

Painted Pine Cones

Go ahead and put your gloves on if you need them.  I started with the blues and inca gold.


For this one I started with a darker blue at the base and the used the lighter blue up top.


Let the blues dry and then apply the inca gold.


Here’s one with some missing pieces.


Clean out your brushes and find a fresh spot on your palette.  Add the cardinal red, creamy peach, king’s gold, and pure gold to the palette.


I added red, peach, then king’s gold.  I used the same brush for the red and peach, but this made it look pink.  So, I grabbed a smaller paint brush to add peach highlights.


I went back over it with more red, then I added the gold.


Here’s one I found still attached to a limb.  I didn’t use the peach on this one and I painted the limb with the gold.


Attaching Wire for Wreaths and Swags

If you want to attach the pine cones to a wreath or swag, you’ll need to add wire first.  Cut a piece of floral wire about 12″ to 15″ long.


Weave it in between the wings of the pine cone to hide it.

tuck-under hide-it

Bring the two halves together at the back of the pine cone and twist them together.

wrap-to-back twist-it

Now it’s ready to attach to a wreath or swag!



Decorating with Painted Pine Cones

There really are so many options when using painted pine cones for decorating.  I made a center piece and used some on a wreath.  For the center piece, I placed some plain pine cones in the bottom of a decorative container.  Since they won’t be seen, there’s no need to paint them.  This just helps give it some height.


I added the painted pine cones next.  Just move them around until you get something you like.


I added some fall picks to give it more color and interest.


This would be great in the center of a table!


Here’s my wreath.  I’m not sure if it’s done yet.


I just attached the “wired” pine cones by sticking the wire through the wreath.  Then I bent the wire on the back of the wreath to hold it in place.  Here’s a couple other fall decor things I’ve been working on.

This is the center of my dining room table.  I got the milk bottles and crate set on clearance for less than $10 at Joann’s!  I borrowed the the deer antler’s from my husband and the leaves on the side are left over from our wedding.  The sunflowers are fake but the red roses are real!  They were the last two I managed to cut without the petals falling off.  It’s all sitting a piece of gold embossed burlap.


This is one half of my parents mantle I decorated for them.  I did the other half too, but this side is my favorite!  The pumpkin picture is from Mabey She Made It and the one in the blue frame came from My Blessed Life.  My dad made the red frame in the middle which holds a picture of my son when he was much younger.


Well, did you get enough fall decor ideas today?  Hopefully I fueled your imagination!  I’ve got some more ideas up my sleeve, so y’all come back next week and see what I’m up to!  Have a great weekend!



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