Fried Green Tomatoes & Chicken Salad


In South Georgia we are finally feeling some fall like weather & things are starting to show some fall colors.  My tomato bushes are still producing tomatoes, but they are very slow to turn.  Then they just split!  I decided I was going to enjoy them one way or the other & the best way to do that is to fry them.  : )  The fried green tomatoes were a perfect topping for a grilled chicken salad.  Yum!  I also dug a little into the background of fried green tomatoes & found some rather interesting articles on the subject.  Hope y’all enjoy!

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Origins of Fried Green Tomatoes

I was curious about the origins of fried green tomatoes, so I did a little research.  The first few articles I found suggested this is not a southern dish & that a movie from 1991 called “Fried Green Tomatoes” was what made people associate it with the South.  The main reason cited in this article was that the recipe for them was not found in any southern cook books.  Hmmm….

I found this rather ridiculous because I remember that movie & I also remember eating them well before that movie came out.   Also, most southerners learn “recipes” from their family & writing down one for something as simple as fried green tomatoes is not necessary.  I have to say I’m also disappointed that this article was on the Smithsonian website.

Then I found this article which I feel is closer to the truth.  Even if fried green tomatoes are cooked in various regions – which they should be because they’re delicious – they are as southern to me as sweet tea & grits.  Maybe researchers should talk to people rather than just reading “paper trails”.  That’s my two cents worth anyway!

Making Fried Green Tomatoes

These are so easy to make & are a great way to add some crunch to a salad.  You just wash & slice the tomatoes about 1/4″ or so thick.

I use this Zatarain’s mix to fry the tomatoes & okra in.  It’s cornmeal based & has just the right seasoning’s.  Maybe one day I’ll make up my own mix!

I put the sliced tomatoes & what I think I need to coat it in a gallon Ziploc bag.  Then you just shake it up to coat it.

While I’m cutting the tomatoes & such, I heat up some canola oil over medium-high heat.  Drop the coated tomatoes in one by one until the pan is full but not overcrowded.

After about a minute or so, flip them over & cook for another minute or so.  When everything’s golden brown, take them out with a slotted spoon and set them over paper towels to drain.  I usually line a colander with paper towels & lay the tomatoes around it.  Once the next batch is ready, I put those on a plate.  This helps absorb the extra oil & keep them from getting soggy.

There is nothing quit like the flavor of a fried green tomato!  Crisp & crunchy on the outside with a tangy but smooth inside.  Yum – my!

Chicken Salad

This is just grilled chicken over some greens & cherry tomatoes.  You can find my recipe for a different chicken salad right here.  I like these chicken breasts because they are individually wrapped & I can use what I need when I need it!

This is my favorite seasoning for grilled chicken.  It’s the perfect blend & the only thing I add sometimes is a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese after it’s cooked.

Sprinkle, sprinkle – get both sides!

I toss them on my griddle which cooks on the top & bottom.  This makes it take less time – which is always a good thing!  Everything is layered up & ready to eat!

Oops!  I almost forgot the dressing!  A little balsamic vinaigrette is my favorite…

That’s a mouthful of flavor right there!  Hope y’all have a great weekend & don’t miss out on the awesome sales at Craftsy this weekend!

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  1. Skye B says:

    A really interesting read 😃 I love the ‘fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe’ movie ever since I first saw it as a teen, and I now have it on DVD. I knew of the dish, from my mum who loves them 😃 the thing with unripe tomatoes is they’re poisonous in a way if not cooked, so that’s where this dish was used. And there’s some awesome green varieties of tomatoes that have a lovely taste and never go red and can be eaten raw. My favourite is green zebra.

    • Kristie Cook says:

      I love the movie too! Tomatoes have tomatine in them which is mostly in the leaves & stems. Green tomatoes have more of it, but you’d have to eat a ton of them for it to make you sick. I don’t know why anyone would want to eat an uncooked green tomato anyway – bleh! 😜 I’ve tried to grow the green zebra, but no success. I have grown yellow tomatoes which are less acidic.

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