Craft Room Organization – Part One


I’m going to share some of my tricks for craft room organization today.  Why is this part one?  Well, I have a massive hoard collection of crafting supplies and it will not all fit in one post!  My obsession with crafting supplies started when I was a teenager.  I love to learn, especially if it involves making something!  The first part of my adult life I worked full time and I had a child at an early age.  I had extra income, but not much extra time.  There was less making and more collecting during this time period.  Now, I have more time to make, which I love!  Please remember, it took me a long time to accumulate all this crafty goodness!

In the First Corner

This corner has lots of goodies in it, so that’s why I started with it.  The upper shelves were part of a wooden floor shelf with partitions.  I took it apart, added brackets, and hung it on the wall for more vertical storage.  The shelf on the bottom was built by my dad when I was younger.  It used to sit by the back door and serve as a catch-all for everyone’s stuff when they got home.  It was like a mini mudroom!  I inherited it when they remodeled.


On the Top Floor

Let’s start at the top and work our way down!  On the left of the top shelf I have containers with fabric and yarn scraps.  The big round one was a giant cheese puff container in it’s former life and the tall one held new Christmas ornaments.  Small scraps in the round one and long strips in the tall one.  I have other scraps storage, but we’ll see that next time!  Left over bits of yarn and embroidery floss fill the smaller two!


This old Easter basket holds tulle.  I tie a string around it to keep it under control!  Most of this is left over from the year I made ALL the princess dresses for my step-daughter!


The red box holds bindings, elastics, and trims.  It’s an old photo box and I maximized space by adding a second level.  The second level is just an old box I cut down to fit!  I use binder clips to hold trims in place on cardboard.  Some trim is held together with a stapled index card.


On the right side of the top shelf is yarn!  I have some in bins hanging under the shelves too.  I found them at a thrift store for a $1 each and painted them with spray paint.  The spacing was planned out before I hung the shelves, so I could have maximum storage!  The boxes full of yarn will be transferred to the new shelf I bought as soon as I can rearrange some things!


Right Side, Lower Levels

Moving on down on the right side there’s my screw bin full of rubber stamps.  There are some cling on stamps on the top.  Beside it are my crochet and knitting needles.  Yes, that’s a Pringles can!  It’s great for holding knitting needles – which I will use to knit one day!  In the drawers below this, I have paper punches, brads, and ink.  I like to keep things that are used together, well, together!  My husband brought home a whole box of those mini containers the brass are in.  I leave them upside down so I can see what’s in them easily.


In between the shelf and the drawings are more drawers filled with scrapbook paper and scrapbook supplies.  Those binders on top hold templates and stickers.


I picked up these 3″ binders for $3 at a thrift store.  If you’ve ever bought a new one, that’s a great deal!  The stickers are organized by sections like outdoors, holidays, etc.  I just used baseball sleeves for small stuff.  Heavier things don’t work well in this, which is why they are in the drawers.


In the cubbies are paper stacks, kits, and scrapbooks.  I got those two metal file boxes for a $1 each at a thrift store.


One file holds paper scraps while the other holds letters and numbers of all kinds.  The big brown box has extra mini containers (or cups).


Now to the Left

Over here you’ll find my Cricut and cartridges.  I use this mostly for Christmas tags and applique!  The jar and tray are just catch-alls for things until I put them up.


One side of the right has a container with paint and the cubby below has more paint, canvases, and an easel.  See, together!


In between are all my beading supplies.  I used more mini containers in the drawer and a combination of mini bags and tackle boxes to organize the rest of my stash!


The rest of this area is occupied by more paper stacks, glitter, and glue!  My Minion lunchbox is the perfect house for my trusty glue gun.



Man, that’s just one corner but it’s the one with the most stuff!  The main thing I’ve learned is to keep like things together.  I like things to be easily accessible, so I don’t have to spend time digging for what I need.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of one corner of my craft room.  I’ll be posted part two sometime next week.  Have a great day y’all!



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