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I posted Wednesday about some QAL’s and CAL’s I am currently following.  I thought (after I posted of course) maybe someone might want to join one now.  It’s half way through the year (yikes!), so I can imagine joining something this late in the game would make ya’ll feel way behind!  That’s not what I wanted to accomplish!
So, I looked around the great inter-webs and found some great QAL’s/CAL’s that start in the middle of the year!  Yay!  These are really a fabulous way to learn new sewing/stitching techniques and tips.  It’s also a great way to meet people who share a love for creating.   Just click on the links below to sign up!

Star Trek Lapghan CAL
Know a Trekkie?  Maybe you’re a Trekkie! This would make a great gift!
Price:  Free!
Frequency:  Once a week
When:  June to July (the first block is out now!)
Extras:  This is over at Two Hearts Crochet and they have some more CAL coming up later in the year!

2016 Summer CAL Sunshine and Shells summer hat
A cute sun hat for the beach!  I did her Winter CAL (which I have yet to finish!) and it was really fun!
Price:  Free!
Frequency:  Once a week
When:  3 weeks in June, materials list is up!
Extras:  She also has a line of free crochet patterns called Amazing Grace, that is dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

“Totally Textured” Cable Bag
This will be my new bag for fall!  This is on Ravelry, and you will need to make an account to join.
Price:  $5, but there is a 30% off coupon available until June 12th, which will make it $3.50!
Frequency:  Once a week
When: June 10th to July 7th
Extras:  Grand prize winner announced July 10th

Veronica Meets Spring MCAL
This is a mystery crochet-a-long!  I signed up for the last one and it was gorgeous!  (Although I haven’t actually finished mine!)  This is also connected to Ravelry.
Price:  $7 until tomorrow at midnight!  Then it goes up to $8!
Frequency:  Every 1-2 days
When:  June 7 to July 1
Extras:  Free patterns with sign up! Enter project for a chance to win a prize.

Meadow Mystery Quilt
This one’s a mystery, which means you won’t know what the overall quilt looks like until the very end!
Price:  Free!
Frequency:  Once a month
When:  July 7, 2016 to April 13, 2017
Extras:  Prizes and reveal parade in April!

Very summery quilt!  I’ve signed up for this one, cause I just couldn’t     resist!  You can only get the patterns by signing up for the emails.
Price:  Free!
Frequency:  Once a month
When:  June to November
Extras:  Prizes every month!


I was checking out my Pinterest page and noticed that the pin below has been repined (or saved) more than any other of my crafty pins.  It’s about making paper beads!  I think I’m going to try this out using some of the fancy, textured paper I’ve been hoarding saving.  I’ll let ya’ll know how it turns out!

One more great link!  I just got this great new pattern from the UpCraftClub, the Tea House top and dress.  It looks like a great summer staple and it’s on sale right now!


Oh!  If you got a “blank” email from me today, sorry about that!  I was just testing something out for the website and completely forgot other people would see that!


Until next time, what are you doing to survive life creatively?

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