DIY Leather Arrow Earrings

I like to use every last bit of material I have if possible.  When I made the leather scrap & book page wreath, I thought the trims could surely be used for something.  Today I’m going to show you how I turned my leather scrap’s scraps {?} into some an awesome pair of earrings – at least I think they’r awesome!  These leather arrow earrings were really easy to make & will be added to my list of handmade gifts for Christmas.  I’ll make an extra pair to keep for myself of course!  ; )

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The Supplies

Remember the little triangles I cut out of my leather leftovers?

I cut these out with a purpose in mind!  They were not measured, just cut into random, somewhat similar sized triangles.  The shape reminded me of the end of an arrow & I thought they would be great for earrings.  Since jewelry findings come in so many different finishes, the links I’m sharing are to a page of products instead of a specific product. ~>

Once I had everything gathered, it was time to make some earrings!

Making the Earrings

I started by laying out the leather pieces in the pattern I wanted.  I laid the chain beside the layout to get an idea of how long it needed to be.  Then I kept a few more links just to be sure!

This chain’s links come apart just like a jump ring does – by bending the two ends to each side.   Some chains may need to be cut apart.

Next I poked holes in the tops of the leather pieces with an upholstery needle.  You may need to twist it around a little to keep the hole open.

All the holes are done!

Now everything is ready to assemble.  I like to lay things out so I remember where everything goes!  ; )

I attached the chain to the ear wires & jump rings to the tops of the leather pieces.  Use the same method to open the wires & jump rings as shown above.

I had 6 big links on each chain, so I skipped the first one & last one.  Then I attached a leather piece to each one in between.  Finished!

These earrings look great on my DIY earring holder!

See, I told you they were easy to make!  I think most earring wearers would love to have these as a gift!  : D


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