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I finally decided to makeover my filing cabinet & wouldn’t you know it – rain!  That just meant I had to work around the rain & paint inside.  It was a little tricky, but I managed to pull it off!  This filing cabinet makeover gets me one step closer to having an office I actually want to be in.  : )

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The Original Filing Cabinet

I decided to swap the beige filing cabinet in my office with one I had already painted.  It was living in my craft room holding scrapbook memories.  I painted it after picking it up in a thrift store for $5.  You can read more about that here.

I will be painting the other one something besides “filing cabinet beige” in the future.  For now, it can be beautiful on the inside while holding memories for my scrap book!  😉


I wanted this to have a similar feel to the planter organizer & plastic drawer I already finished.  The colors were a perfect back drop for some paint “distress” with my grey chalk paint & camel colored acrylic.

Next I hit it with a few spritzes of navy blue spray paint.

I also decided to add some chalkboard paint for labels.  I traced a chipboard template onto contact paper & cut it out to make the design.

The sides and top got a little paint too, but they will be mostly covered.

Adding Decoupage

I found these fun printables over at Inspired Barn & new they were perfect for this project!  They printed out a little too bright, but that’s probably due to using the fast draft setting.  Some paint & wax will take care of that!

I trimmed the white edges & cut out the hole in the tape measure end.  Then I glued everything down with Modge Podge in satin – nothing too shiny!

It got a little of the grey chalkpaint & navy spray paint as well.  Then I went over the whole filing cabinet with brown wax.

It aged everything nicely!  I glue a couple mini wooden rulers & a flat key to the front with e6000 for some added character.

Once everything was dry & secure, I set it on my table for some glamour shots!

Love the giant measuring tape!

And the keyhole!

Then it was time to put it back in the office & load up the files.  That’s much better!

I wonder if it will clean out my files for me now?  I can dream, can’t I?!?  Y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. Skye says:

    Stuff….more stuff….??? it turned out awesome!!! Loving that mega measure tape! I also use alot of chalkboard labels, and I found a bunch of key embellishments that I love, thank you for the ideas ? I love how you change the look of furniture ?

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thanks Skye! That’s how I really feel about that filing cabinet’s contents! I like the outside better! Hee hee! 🙂

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