Getting Ready for Sewvember!


We are just two days {really a day & a smidge} away from Sewvember!  Last year I joined in on two hashtags on Instagram – #sewvember & #bpsewvember.  It was “sew” much fun!  I decided this weekend to make some preparations, so this will be the best Sewvember ever!  Keep reading to find out more about my preparations & how to participate in this fun event.  : )

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Just some reminders ~> Tomorrow, October 31st, 12 midnight EST, is the last day to ~>

  • Enter to win the Merry Moosemas quilt kit from Four Peaches fabric.  More info here.
  • Enter to win one of two Christmas fat quarter packs from the Merry Christmas Sew-Along.  More info here.

I will announce the winner of the Merry Moosemas quilt kit next Monday, November 6th, so be sure to check back then to see if you won!

I will announce the winner of ONE of the fat quarter packs when the next ornament comes out on November 13th.  Monique will choose the 2nd winner & you will have to check the Farm House Quilts blog for dates for when she will announce her choice.


You can find out more about #BPsewvember over at Bimble & Pimble.  This is the prompt list for Instagram ~>

I hope y’all will join in the fun!  No matter what you sew, it’s a great way to meet fellow sewists & creatives.

Setting Goals

My goal this Sewvember is to sew as much as possible!  Whether it’s clothes, quilts, or home decor, I want to be using a needle and thread every. single. day.  I decided to clean up my sewing rack a bit to help get me focused & ready to sew.  This rack is where things that need to be finished, repaired, or remade hang out until I get time to deal with them.

It’s a little stuffed with things & I decided to sort it out & make a list.  Every good project starts with a list!  ; )

I also want to get this serger threaded and ready.  It’s one of two, but it has more features than the one that’s currently threaded.  Time to get to know my machine!

One more thing I need to do this month is get my sewing space reorganized.  My son moved out leaving behind an extra room!  I moved my serger into this room for now & thought about moving one of my sewing machines in there too.  The desk is a better height than my current drafting table.

Then I realized this wouldn’t work because all my other sewing stuff is in another room!  I’ve got to swap some things out & clean up in here.  My son might like to have somewhere to sleep when he comes back for a visit!

All that will get worked out eventually, but today let’s take a look at what came off the rack.

Holy Moly!

I have to admit, there are some things hanging on this rack that have been there much too long.  Some things had to be re-examined before I could even remember why they were there!

This sweater is one of my favorites because it’s light weight, a great color, & it has fun details.  I just need to fix a few holes…

I think that probably came from one of my dogs jumping on me!  This top is another favorite for casual days & it has a little hole too…

Yet another favorite, but this time the holes are under the arms.  There’s also some running happening…

I will repair the first two & I think that will make a great blog post!  The grey sweater is going into the refashion section since it’s a little snug & has more challenging holes.  Among all the holy things were some garments with bigger rips & tears…

The one on the top right is the neckline of the long tailed scarf top I made this summer.   I didn’t have the edge secure enough in one spot & after a couple of washes it came loose.  These are all easy fixes!

There is one top with a repair that will need some thinking.  The trim is coming apart from the back edge & I’ve fixed this once before.  I’m thinking I need a different solution…

For now, this will go back on the rack because I won’t wear it until summer!


These two sweatshirts are part of my refashion stash.  I have an idea to pair them with the grey sweater above & make a fun new top or cardigan.  Look out for a blog post all about it!  ; )

These two pairs of pants were some of my favorite dress pants.  They’ve become worn & torn in the – erm – crotch & thigh area.  I tried to repair them, but it didn’t stick & patches are not all that attractive on dress pants!

I have plans to combine the two into a skirt & yes, there will be a blog post all about it too!

This is a skirt I refashioned out of some pants that were too snug.  I’ve never worn it!  That means, although it was fun to make, it needs to go to a new home.

That’s all the refashions currently, so now it’s on to things I just need to finish – finally!

To Finish

I made this coat so long ago I can’t even remember how long ago it was!  Sad!  I just need to hand hem the sleeves & bottom & it will be done.  I opted to leave off the buttons on the front, since I rarely button a coat & it has a sash.  The only thing that’s held me back from finishing the coat is that I wanted a fun detail on the collar, like embroidery, applique, or buttons.  I think I have the perfect thing to finish it now…

These Tilda buttons that were part of a “happy birthday” package from a dear friend in Australia will make the perfect addition!  Now I’m excited to finish the coat just so I can show off my buttons!  : D

There was also this dress that just needs a zipper & hemming & I just need to finish it already!  It doesn’t fit me anymore, but it will fit someone!

These pj bottoms were featured in my blog post on elastic, drawstrings, & bottoms.  Somehow I sewed these together wrong & they are totally un-wearable!  I’ll be cutting them up for parts.  : D

And finally there was my old letter jacket from high school…

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it, so it’s going back in storage for now.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I also pulled the two tops I made as part of a summer sew-along off the rack.  They both had arm hole issues that need to be fixed!

Pattern Picking

Y’all my pattern collection is way deeper than my fabric stash!  Since most of it’s in PDF form on my computer, it doesn’t take up near as much space.  ; )  I do have a long filing cabinet drawer full of paper & printed patterns…

I also have one of those drawers full of Burda Style magazines!  This doesn’t include any books with patterns, so I’d need a way bigger stash if I wanted to make everything I have a pattern for.  ; )

I picked one printed PDF pattern I’ve already drafted to my size & two paper patterns to start my Sewvember off with.  The PDF pattern is from Melly Sews & it’s the same one I used to make the shirt featured in this post.  I want one out of knit with longer sleeves.

I’m eyeing the brown skirt in the pack to the right.  I’ll use this pattern as a starting point for making the grey & blue slacks above into a skirt.  I love the orange jacket in the packet to the left & I have the perfect fabric for it…

I have a thing for jackets & wraps & I love making them!  It’s not like I need another one, but I do have the fabric already… ; p

This tissue weight knit in a blue chevron pattern is perfect for the high-lo top.  I’ve already cut it out, so I’m ahead for once!

I also knocked some things off my list ~>

  • green plaid pjs – fixed!
  • grey leggings – fixed!
  • long tailed scarf top – fixed!
  • husband’s holy jeans – fixed! {okay that wasn’t on the list, but it got pushed in the middle, so it counts!}

This is one of the tops from the summer sew along I mentioned at the end of the “To Finish” section.  In all my alterations I somehow made the arm hole so narrow I could barely wear it!  I fixed it with a arm hole “gusset” in some Alison Glass scraps…

Now it will be ready when summer roles around again!  My rack is looking much better now…

Next on my list are my quilt along boxes…

That’s a tale for another day!  Y’all have a great week & keep sewing!



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  1. Skye B says:

    Loving on so many fabrics and pieces I spotted!! The plaid pjs!! That red and white dress!! The buttons Hehe!!! And oh my they’ll look fantastic on the coat – perfect eye candy buttons! I also love the Alison glass peeky fabric, and your choices from the simplicity patterns (my favourite clothing patterns), and Melly sews is awesome! Yes lists are a must! Hehe, and an idea for your college jacket, a memory blanket for you or of your family, or even a smaller item like a memory pillow or wallhanging/frame. Can’t wait for your quilty BOM post to see where you’re up to, aswell as all these projects you’ve just listed

    • Kristie Cook says:

      I’m excited to work on the projects & sew, sew, sew! Those are some good ideas for my jacket. My mom saw the post & asked me to not cut the jacket! Haha! I’d rather it be cut & used than whole & not used! 😉

      • Skye B says:

        I’m one of those people that collects cut up stuff and orphan items from the opshop ? everything has a use even if that wasn’t it’s original purpose. I’m also saving things for a memory blanket (originally was going to be of my Bubba’s things but then thought I’ll incorporate all the kids baby things)

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