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This is my first official post!  So exciting, yet nerve wracking at the same time!  I thought a great deal about what my first post would be about.  Many, many things rolled through my head – which is an everyday occurrence for me!  I decided to share my creative space with all the “collections” I mentioned in my About Me page.  This may give you some insight into what goes on in “my world”!  So here it goes…..



Are you scared yet?

This is my sanctuary, my zen, my “woman cave”!  It may look overwhelming to some, but it is quite exciting to me.  This view is from the main doorway and what I see when I walk in.  Can you smell the inspiration?  Wait, maybe that’s perspiration?  Nah, definitely inspiration!  This is a spare room in my house, that I am lucky to have to use for all my “collections”!

So, what do I do in here exactly?  I do everything from sewing to painting and pretty much anything in between.

What can you expect to find on this site?

  • Sewing – I sew clothes, quilts, etc. and have for about 22 years (yikes that’s a big number!).  I’ll share the things I make and my knowledge on the subject.  Like the baby quilt to the left – not the best pic, but I’m still learning! (about photography, that is :))

20160508_110956  kristie's phone 225

  • Crocheting – In case you haven’t read my About Me page, I’ve been doing this since I was 2, which is longer than I’ve been sewing!  I’ve been learning lots of new techniques lately, so maybe ya’ll will learn with me!  Never too old to learn! 😉  I also follow many, probably too many, CAL’s.  That means Crochet-A-Long, for those not in the know!  Hopefully one day I will host one of my own!  This cute hedgehog to the right is from a pattern I bought on Craftsy, a great resource for crafting patterns and materials!

kristie's phone 728

  • General Craftiness – There are many other things I like to do like painting, DIY, redoing furniture, scrapbooking, etc.  I’m sure some of these projects will make there way out of my studio(?) onto a post.
  • Cooking – Hey, a woman’s gotta eat!  And sometimes feed her family. 🙂  I like to cook, my last name is Cook, so kinda kismet!  I’ll share some things I’ve learned and how to juggle life while still feeding a family.  Think homemade pizza rolls, yum!
  • Household –  Hey, I know working full time while raising a family is tough.  That’s for anyone – man or woman.  I’ve got a few tips that have helped me out over the years and hopefully they will help ya’ll out too!  The photo to the left is my organizer board – it also doubles as camouflage for the electrical box in my kitchen!  No one wants to see that!
  • Thyroid cancer – Last, but certainly least, as I hope to never hear from it again!  What is it?  What’s a thyroid?  Well I can tell you a thyroid is REALLY important to daily life functions.  Not having one, well it sucks!  I’ll share my journey, what works for me and what doesn’t.  I feel there’s just not enough information out there about what it’s really like to live without a thyroid.

Whew!  That’s q2012-04-12_18-11-58_760uite a list and I forgot to mention gardening!  Yeah, I like to do that too.  That’s Betsy, my pink rose bush!  What, you don’t name your plants?  Any who!  There’s lots of things you might see posted as I continue to survive life creatively and have a life that is LIVED!




What are some things you like to do to have a life lived?  Please comment below!



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