My Love Affair with Reading + Summer Book List


I love to read!  When I was younger I would spend hours in my room or in a tree reading.  I couldn’t get enough!  This summer I’ve decided to try to read a book a week because I have a list a mile long in my Kindle cue.  I thought I’d share my summer book list, what I like to read, & a little about my love affair with reading.  Hopefully you’ll read this, be inspired to pick up a good book {digital or paper} & get lost for an hour or two.  It is summer after all!

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Reading Through the Years

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t read, so I have no idea when I learned to read.  When I realized I could learn so many things just by reading, I was hooked!  My parents signed me up for something called the Weekly Reader Book Club when I was younger.  I got several books a month {I think!} & went through them way before a week was up.  This past Christmas I gifted some young gals two of these books I kept from so long ago.  It was time for the Island of the Blue Dolphins & Tuck Everlasting to be loved by someone else.


Once I started reading, I needed to read bigger, longer, & more complex books.  It wasn’t long before I discovered Stephen King.  That also lead to my love affair with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary!  If I didn’t know what a word meant, I needed to know.  Sometimes I would even read the dictionary just to learn new words.  Yeah, I’m a word nerd! ?  {This is a picture of some of my favorite books I kept from my childhood.}

It’s an odd assortment!  The Grover book I bought for my son because it was one of my favorites when I was little.  It still makes me giggle!  Grimm’s Fairy Tales has seen better days because it was read quite frequently.  I believe I bought the Wind in the Willows later on to refresh my memory when the movie came out.  The book is always better y’all!  And finally, Poochie & Guff, which I think I kept mostly because of the fuzzy dog on the front.  ?

You might think I have floor to ceiling bookshelves jammed with books, but no.  I have one, small bookshelf with mostly craft books.  I like to give books to others to enjoy because 9 times outta 10 I’m not going to reread it because I know what happens!  Only a small few hold a permanent spot on my shelf.

Adult Reading

As I got older & had a child, it was harder to find time to read more than a magazine article.  My son used to ask me to read him dinosaur fact books at bedtime – so boring!  I’m all for reading to learn, but that’s not a fun “bedtime story” to read!  Every once in a while I’d get my hands on a new/borrowed book & wind up staying up way to late reading it.  I just have to know what happens next!

One Christmas my husband bought me a Kindle Fire.  It was so amazing!  All the books I wanted {mostly} at the click of a button!  No waiting for books to arrive or a day I could visit the library – which both can still be fun.  When you’re dying for the next installment of whatever series your reading to come out, waiting can be torture!  With a Kindle, I can have it as soon as it’s available.

Did you know you can get the Kindle App on your phone, laptop, or computer?  It’s totally free too!  I’ve got it on my phone so I can read a little when I’m waiting for whatever.  That way I don’t have to stuff big books or my Kindle in my too-big-already purse!  It stays synced with my Kindle too!

Another thing that has lead to my long list of books is BookBub.  I get an email everyday with deals for books from around the web.  Sometimes they’re even free!  If you decide to sign up {also free!} look for me under the username mammajamma77.  

Summer Reading List

These books are the top ones on my list to read.  I may or may not get to them all before the end of summer.  You will notice I have a thing for crime/mystery books.  I also enjoy fantasy {like Lord of the Rings}, some romance, & a good tear jerker every now & then.  : )

This is the book I’m currently reading ~>
The Mutual Admiration Society:  A Novel by Lesley Kagan.

It’s interesting so far, but it’s written in the voice of an 11 year old girl growing up in the 50’s.  Some of the sentences go on forever & it jumps around a little.  It does make me laugh out loud sometimes!


The Legend of Devil’s Creek by D.C. Alexander ~>

Okay, I started reading this earlier in the summer & it got to me a little.  Something about it creeped me out when I was reading it one evening & I haven’t picked it back up since.  It’s a good book, but a little dark.



Dead Certain: A Novel by Adam Mitzner ~>

#17 on Amazon’s most read {not that I care about that} & a psychological thriller.  Looks like it will be interesting!



Umbrella Man (Trilogy Book 1) by Willow Rose ~>

I love Willow Rose books!  They tend to come in multiples & the 2nd one is already out for this trilogy.  I also follow her Emma Frost series, if you want to check that out.  These books can be a little creepy & are usually about serial killers – just so you know.


If you want some lighter mysteries, check out the Josiah Reynolds Mysteries by Abigail Keam.  These have good mysteries but are more light hearted!

Dear Mr. Knightley: A Novel by Katherine Raey ~>

Something a little lighter!  Looks like a love story / coming of age story about a young woman.  It will probably make me cry!



Before I Go by Colleen Oakley ~>

I started reading this book a long time ago.  It was during the first year after my thyroid cancer diagnosis & I just couldn’t make it through it.  I think it’s time to finish it now!
Firefly Beach by Meira Pentermann ~>

This is a sort of paranormal mystery.  It looks like it will be interesting!




Okay, that’s not all the books on my list, but it’s a good start!  I’ll add on to this list & also do a post later with a list of “good reads” – in my opinion of course!

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend & take some time to read, even if it’s to your kids!


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  1. Monique says:

    Great idea to read a book a week! I have finally gotten back in the habit of reading actual novels, rather than just magazines and quilt books and it has been soooo relaxing..perfect for summer! I will have to check out some of your suggestions!

  2. Guida says:

    I love to read and have started re-reading some novels from the library, my favorites. I don’t always get time to read, but it does relax me, my problem is that I cant just stop at a couple of pages.Enjoy you summer reading.

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