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Today I’m joinng a Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop with several other bloggers!  You may notice this post is a little earlier than usual & it will replace my Wednesday post this week.  This will be a once a month thing & I hope y’all enjoy!

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Welcome to the first 2018 monthly Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop, hosted by My Pinterventures.  The purpose of this Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all the participants of this hop (and y’all too) to not just pin, but to make it happen!  So this month, I chose to make some Decorative Clips from this PIN.  Let’s see how it turned out!

The inspiration clips were so cute & the perfect thing to use up some of my scrapbook bits & pieces!  I grabbed the supplies I needed & a handful of paper clips.

My scrap, scrapbook paper bin has plenty of strips & such that will be perfect for this project.

All I had to do was pick a paper strip, fold it over the paper clip, & staple.  Then I just added trims & brads to decorate.

I decided I wanted some that would face up & down instead of left & right.  I made the first ones using metal keys with flat backs & e6000 glue.

Just glue & stick!

While those dried, I made some more using paper cutouts & a permanent tape runner.

So easy!

Y’all, I got really into this & wound up grabbing all kinds of things out of my scrapbook stash!  I didn’t make a mess, I had a “making mess”.  : D

This was so fun to do & I had to make myself stop at some point.  I did wind up with a neat little collection of clips.

I have kind of sets for different things.  These are great for marking sewing magazines & books.  I didn’t even realize I had that “material girl” stamp!  I used to love that song & I really thought she was singing about fabric when I was younger.  Haha!

I made these using an old test strip & some stick on decals.  Perfect for clipping papers together in my teacher folders.

The next ones will be great for my garden journal…

The last set is great for keeping my penpal stuff together.  They all remind me of friends & traveling!

I wanted a place to keep all the clips together, so I clipped them to a folding postcard.

All folded up!

It fits perfectly into my stationary basket inside my bottom filing cabinet drawer.  This is right beside my thinking chair, so it holds all my sketchbooks, journals, word puzzles, & such as well.  : )

This was so much fun & I will definitely be making more of these!  It was also nice to actually try out one of the pins instead of just saving it.  I can’t wait to pick out one for next month!  : D

To join next month’s challenge, click here to sign-up ⇒ February Pinterest Challenge

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  1. Skye says:

    I would’ve done the exact same thing, gotten lost in the making 😃 I love all the different Ines you came up with and will definitely need to try this myself 😃 also loving alot of the other creations and that they’re all now, not just pinned things 😊

  2. Jenny says:

    What a fantastic idea for extra scrapbook paper. These are so cute, now I have another craft to add to my list to create. I love this challenge and finding these new ideas.

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thank you Erlene! I think these would be a great gift with a journal or stationary set. They could be customized to fit any age range too! 🙂

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