Metal Barn Star Christmas Remake

I was thinking about what DIY project to do today & these two metal barn stars hanging over my couch caught my eye.  Of course they weren’t on my list of projects, but they’ve just been hanging up there  collecting dust.  I decided a metal barn star would be perfect to decorate for Christmas!  Now I just have to decide which one looks the best on my mantel shelf.  ; )

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The Stars

These are the two stars after I cleaned them.  I wasn’t going to show y’all how dusty they were!

They are a rusty red kind of color which works well with my Christmas colors.  I grabbed some Christmas scrapbook paper with fun edges I’ve been hoarding saving for something special.  There were 2 of each of them, so I figured if this didn’t work out I still had one left!  : D

That binder is where I keep all my Christmas scrapbook supplies, besides paper.  Yes, Christmas has it’s own binder!

I used some tracing paper to make a little pattern for the sides of the star.  I just pressed it on the side & traced it out with a pencil.

I’ll use this to decide how I will cut the fancy edged papers.


Laying Out the Paper

Once I had all the pieces cut, I placed them on the sides to see if I needed to make any adjustments.

When I was satisfied with how everything looked, I broke out the Mod Podge & glued it all down.  The top two spaces I left blank to write a little message.

I used black & white Sharpie oil based paint pens to write “Merry & Bright” across the blank spaces.  I also added some mod looking snowflakes.  This got a little messy in some parts as you can see!

I just used a Q-tip & rubbing alcohol to clean things up.  The second star got a different treatment!  I used Mod Podge & glitter in metal tones to give this star some bling!  This is a fine glitter from a Martha Stewart set I bought several years ago.  The link is to the only place I found one in stock, but you may see more or a better price during the Black Friday sales {that’s how I got mine!}

I used a fine point glue pen to draw the squiggles & sprinkled embossing powder over them.  A few waves from my heat gun & I had raised squiggles!  This is the heat gun I have, but you can get a smaller one here.

Finished Stars

My sparkle & shine star looks good on my mantel shelf, but so does my Mod Podge star!

I think it’s easier to see the words this way…

Which is good because that’s the way it would look if I hung it up!  I really should have paid attention to where the hangers were.  Got lucky on this one!  ; )

Side view of the sparkle & shine star…

I’m still not sure which one I will use to decorate the mantel shelf with!

Guess it’s a good thing I have about a week & a half to decide!  My Christmas decorations usually go up the weekend after Thanksgiving!


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  1. Guida says:

    I love them both, to be honest I have never heard of a “barn star”. What are they really used for? I don’t think we have them here. Love yours both, couldn’t decide either. Take care.

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Some people decorate their barns with stars or other items here in the states. It’s just a popular decorative item for the house now too!

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