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Happy Friday y’all!  Whose ready for Teadoddles Talks #2?  I’m ready & I’m excited for y’all to get to know today’s interviewee!   Know a crafty person that would like to do an interview?  Let me know in the comments or email me with the link in the side bar.  Let’s see who’s talking today…

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Today I’m talking with Angie from Ambient Wares.  She is a DIYer that claims to not “have any real skills”, but I beg to differ!  I think you will agree that Angie has some skills once you see some of her makes.

This interview was conducted over a series of emails.  I sent her a list of questions & she sent me answers & photos.  I will have my questions {Q}, her answers {A}, & my response to her answers {R}.

Side table made by Angie…

All About Ambient Wares

Q:  How did you decide on the name “Ambient Wares”?

A:  I wish there was an awesome story behind this but, I had a bajillion names I wanted to go with and this is the one I chose. Ambient meaning – relating to the immediate surroundings of something. Wares meaning – articles offered for sale. It was really appropriate when I started my business because I had a booth at a local store and tried to sell the various things I made and found. However, it was a lot of work and a lot of money spent on a booth to make a little more than what I spent on the booth. But, at least I tried!

R:  I had a similar experience selling my items in a consignment shop, but I agree – trying is what’s important!

Q:  I love your theme “Try a little DIY & surround yourself with ALL things you”, tell us what that means to you…

A:  Speaking of tried, that’s the most important word for me.  This might sound bad but, I don’t think I’m very good at anything.  I don’t catch on to things quickly. I can’t read about something and all of a sudden understand it. I’m definitely not an expert in anything. BUT, a big but, is  I always try. DIY is a hands on endeavor and I learn the best that way. I want others to know they just need to try no matter the outcome.

The next important part is surrounding yourself with all things you. I say that but, it’s hard because I just like to make cool stuff that I don’t necessarily need. I also really feel I’m a minimalist at heart. Let’s just say my friends and family have quite a few things I’ve made. 

R:  Yes!  If you never try something, you don’t know what will happen.  It may be a flop, but it may be awesome!  I know what you mean about wanting to make things that you may or may not need – my work space is overflowing with things that need a home!

Q:  Why did you decide to start a blog?

A:  I actually had another extremely small DIY blog before Ambient Wares and the reason why was to help me through the process of losing my younger brother and I found I needed to stay active. I was always thinking about how he did practically anything and everything he ever wanted to do because he was fearless. He was strong. Losing him left me fearful and weak.

After awhile of blogging on that 1st blog, I realized I should just try starting my own business. I needed to be brave. I needed to be strong. That’s where the booth came into play along with Ambient Wares

R:  So sorry for your loss.  I’ve experienced my own losses & trials in life & they can definitely make you realize how fleeting life is.  Fear of the “what if’s” can make you miss out on so much in life & I’m glad you were able to overcome that.  : )

Q:  You say your husband does blog posts too, how does that work?

A:  There’s no rhyme or reason but, when it comes to making lamps, he’s the electrician. The first lamp, it was all him and it’s our favorite. He turned a vintage metal fan into a lamp. We use it every night and couldn’t imagine selling it. He’s a creative person and when he decides to take on a project I’m like, duh, you should write a post about it.

R:  That is one awesome lamp & I can see why you kept if for yourself!  My husband has no interest in blogging whatsoever, but that’s probably a good thing for me – we both like to be in charge!  ; )

Q:  What can we find in your Etsy store?

A:  I actually need to get better at listing things on Etsy but, I’d like to think we sell mainly lighting related items both handmade and finds but, I hope to add more vintage items as well.

R:  I love your lamps!  They are very unique & have a sort of steam punk vibe to them.  Just so y’all know, there is another “fan lamp” for sale in her shop & it’s just as awesome!

Q:  Is it hard to part with items you make & sell?

A:  Some of them for sure. We sold a lamp on Etsy that we made and we loved it. It sold really quickly. The 5 star rating made up for the fact that it was no longer ours. How cool is it that someone not only bought something you made but, they loved it?

R:  Another great piece!  I know that feeling you’re talking about & it is a wonderful feeling!  Having someone want to pay for the things you make just validates that you’re doing something right.  : )

Q:  Tell us more about your pattern on Redbubble.

A:  The pattern is one that Joe created. We have so many more ideas for patterns but, you know, life. We really like mid-century style and we made a side table {first picture}, plant stands, and made over a little box using those patterns. We even had another blogger print the pattern out onto fabric and she made a purse from it! {see that here}

R:  How neat is this little table?  The legs are made from plastic hangers!  I’m a little obsessed with your patterns right now Angie – I need them on fabric yardage!  Can we make that happen?  ; )  You can find products made with this pattern in Angie’s Redbubble shop.

Angie’s Family

Q:  Tell us about your family…

A:  Well, it’s just me, Joe, and Flynn. Joe and I are high school sweethearts. Or maybe I should say, Joe was my high school sweetheart? The joke is, I stalked him in high school which is 100% true.

During the summer after we’d graduated, I had the realization I may never see him again so I gave him a call from my girlfriend’s house. Us girls went out to rent a movie which was probably like 30 minutes and when we got back, my friend’s dad said, “Some Joe guy’s called 3 times for Angie.” So, I guess I was his high school sweetheart after all. 20 years and going strong.

R:  Such a wonderful story – true high school sweethearts!

Q:  Tell us about your dog Flynn…

A:  He’s a rescue dog, black lab mix, we adopted 5 years ago and he’s the most hyper dog I’ve ever met. He’s a sweetheart but, I don’t let children run and play with him because if you run, it’s on. I know labs are known for being hyper but, I grew up with them and they were always so calm and docile so I was very surprised with how much energy he had.

R:  Haha!  We had a lab when I was younger & he chewed up everything!  He lived in our fenced in back yard & would find things you didn’t even know were back there to chew up.  Flynn is a cutie & I love his name!

Q:  Any other pets?

A:  I wish I could have a cat but, I’m allergic.

R:  I’m more of a dog person, but I’ve had cats in the past.  My brother is allergic to cats too, but he would still pet them until his eyes puffed up & he couldn’t see when he was little.  So crazy!

DIY Love

Q:  Favorite project?

A: That would have to be my side table I made using a plastic chairs metal legs and replacing the seat it with a slab of wood. It was way too easy and beautiful I might add.

R:  It is beautiful & it looks great with your lamp!  Making something old into something new is always fun!

Q:  Favorite color?

A:  Blues, blues, and more blues.

R:  Guess that’s why you had to keep the lamp!  : D

Q:  What is your favorite tool?

A:  Hands down my bandsaw. I found it at a garage sale for $60 and it was barely used. I felt so comfortable almost immediately using it and we’ve been best friends ever since. Although, I do love my Kreg Jig, too. Life changers

R:  That was a great deal!  Garage sales are great places to find good tools cheap.

Q:  How long have you been DIY – ing?

A:  I don’t know when I started DIY-ing but, I’ve always loved making things. When I was a young teenager, I painted my desk. It was the worst possible color like the ugliest brown you can imagine. I also coaxed my mom into ripping out the carpet in the entire house. I mean, there was real wood under there!

She was leery but, I basically made her do it because I ripped out the carpet in my bedroom and she realized how serious I was and that  I’d probably finish the rest of the house on my own if she didn’t jump in. Ummm, her floors still look awesome 20 some years later 🙂

R:  That sounds real familiar!  I’ve been making things since I can remember as well.  I helped my parents with lots of renovations to my room when I was a teenager.  Unfortunately there was some 60’s green patterned linoleum under my carpet not real wood.  I thought it was cool at the time!  Some of my projects were iffy as well, but that’s how you learn!

Q:  How about snacks?

A:  Hmm, I can’t say I snack

R:  That’s okay, I probably snack enough for the both of us!  : D

Q:  Do you listen to or watch anything while making? If so, what?

A:  I only listen to music because it makes me feel unstoppable. Plus, I can’t multi-task and listen to a podcast or something educational at the same time. I won’t retain a thing.

R:  I can understand that.  Sometimes I have things on just for background noise.

More About Angie

Q:  Any other hobbies?

A:  I’d say photography is a hobby. I love taking pictures of all kinds. I work on a farm and it allows for some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken.

R:  I’m a little jealous that you get to work on a farm!  That’s a great looking cow!

Q:  Where all have you traveled?

A:  I’ve traveled to many states, lived in a few, and have also visited Puerto Rico and England.

R:  Interesting that the two places you’ve visited out side the US are so different from each other.  I might like to visit England one day, but Puerto Rico is too hot for me!

Q: Coffee or tea?  Or maybe something else?

A:  Coffee, definitely coffee

R:  Yes!  Coffee rules!

Q:  Future plans?

A:  We hope to one day have a plot of land with a small home so that we can live a homesteading styled life. We have a lot to learn but, my job at the farm I feel, is prepping me for it. We do the best we can but, can only do so much living in the city. If we could just have some chickens, I’d be in heaven. We do what we can like canning, composting, gardening, freezing, dehydrating but, there’s so much more I want to do.

R:  Sounds right up my alley!  Chickens are something I want too & one day it will happen!

In Conclusion

I really enjoyed learning more about Angie & I hope y’all did too!  Here’s where you can find Angie & connect:

Ambient Wares ~> Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Bloglovin
I hope y’all have a great weekend!

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  1. Angie ~ Ambient Wares says:

    You’re too sweet, Kristie! Thanks for reaching out to me. I had so much fun 🙂 Throughout the interview I just kept thinking about how it’s really cool to have these connections with other creative people who just make, make, make. Love it!

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thank you for agreeing to do the interview! It was fun for me to learn more about you & I agree – making connections with other creative people is very cool! 🙂

  2. Joyce says:

    Kristie, thank you for another interesting interview.
    Can’t wait to hop over to Angie’s Etsy shop and have a look around.

  3. Skye B says:

    Thank you for introducing us to Angie ? she’s now acquired a new follower ? my dads an electrician and I MUST show him those lamps ? also, some great questions were asked, a good read ?

  4. Mary says:

    Kristie thanks for interviewing Angie. I have known her for years but just now I have learned a few more things about her. And she also explained why I have trouble listening to podcasts!

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