Tough as Nails, but Light as a Feather



Tough as Nails, but Light as a Feather

I’ve faced many obstacles, trials, etc. in my life as I’m sure everyone has.  The biggest obstacle I face, is my inner voice.  It constantly brings up fears and insecurities.  I have to look back at all I have accomplished and all I am capable of so I can tell the voice to kiss it!

Think about the saying “tough as nails”.  What does a nail do?  Its used to hold things together or hold things up.  It has to take the hit of the hammer.  I am a nail.  I hold my family together and I hold myself together when things are hard or when the “hammer hits”.  It’s not easy, so I must be rigid at times.  I must also remember that I am human.  I’m not a robot with never ending energy and resolve.  When things get too overwhelming and feel like they are more than I can bear, I will break.  I will cry and scream and stomp.  I will pray.  Then I feel renewed.

I feel light as a feather.


Why?  Because I let go of all the tension built up inside me.  I wash my face, dust off my knees, get a drink of water, and move forward.  I can focus on finding solutions to my dilemma because I let all the chaotic gunk inside go.  Holding things inside does not make one tough, in my opinion.  I am tough because I stand strong through the trials of life, but I know when I need to let go and be light as a feather.

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Life is hard.  There, I said it.  It will beat you up and spit you out and leave you wondering what just happened.  However, without hardships how would you know when you had succeeded?  If every day was full of success it would be meaningless.  I can appreciate the good in life because I have experienced the bad.  Whenever I’m facing something that seems insurmountable, I think of what I have made it through.  Then I know I will make it through this too.


Guess what?  One nail does not hold much together.  We must rely on other nails – family, friends, neighbors, etc. – to help hold things together.  Sometimes we must be tough when other “nails” fail.  This is why I picked the “Life is Tough but You Are Tougher” shirt Cents of Style’s new line of “Life is” shirts.  I hope when I wear it people will see it and remember they have faced adversities in life before and survived to tell the tale.


I’m pairing it with my favorite blazer and sparkly feather pin, so I don’t forget the “light as a feather” part.  My shirt is an XL {16-18} because I have a large bottom half!  This shirt is long, which works great for me since I have a longer torso, and is not too tight on the hips.  It’s very soft and comfortable!  I have a couple other graphic tees from Cents of Style and I haven’t had any problems with shrinkage or fading.

Want one?

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 They are on sale today thru 9/25 for $15.95 plus FREE shipping.  Just use code LIFEIS1 at checkout.  You can get them in sizes S{0-6} thru XXL{20-22} and they are described as “boyfriend fit”.  There are 5 different styles available.

So, what is life to you?  Please share in the comments below!



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