Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle for Whole Body Health


Today I’m telling y’all all about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  It’s full of everything you need for whole body health – mind, body, & soul.  I’m super excited about it & hope y’all will be too once you check it out!

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you buy something through my link or ad.  This does not change your cost it just helps keep this blog running.  Thanks for your support!  See Privacy Policy & Affiliate Deals page for more information.

This post looks into each category of the bundle & shows what I’m loving in each category.  If you don’t want to read all that, check out the awesome video below & click through the links to check out the bundle for yourself.  I know some people want more info & details & some just want to get to the point!  For all you “detail oriented” people {like me!}, keep reading.  ; )

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

I love Ultimate Bundles & have bought many a bundle from them both before & after having a blog.  This bundle is so full of good things I felt the need to share more than just a basic breakdown of what’s in the bundle.  Here’s the details for the when, what, & how much:

  • Wed., September 20, 2017 at 8:00 am EST to Mon., September 25, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST
  • Bundle price: $29.97
  • Worth over $3,680 which is 99% off!  {Really it’s more than that because 99% off is $36.80!}
  • 68 eBooks, 28 eCourses, 10 printables & workbooks, 1 membership site, 1 summit
  • 1 digital + 7 physical bonuses, $169.84 value ~ these bonuses are awesome!!


For those that don’t know, these bundles come with a Getting Started Guide that includes ~>

  • printable checklist ~ Look through the checklist & mark things you find interesting
  • login & password keeper ~ Keep up with passwords to the eCourses & memberships included in the bundle
  • product index ~ Find resources relevant to you, i.e. if you want to learn more about headaches, find it in the index & it will show you what in the bundle relates to headaches.

They also have excellent customer service & you can contact them anytime with questions.  This is an awesome company to buy from & work with!

In the next section I’ve listed the different categories of the bundle & things I’m interested in.  There are more things than what I have listed – this is not even half of what’s available in the bundle.  I wanted to show y’all that I don’t use everything in these bundles, but the value of what I do use is always worth more than the price of the bundle.  The value of the product is in ().


I hope y’all will check out this awesome bundle because it’s too good to miss!  Have a great weekend!

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