4th of July Wreath


It’s Friday!!!  We finally made to the end of the week ya’ll!  Ready to slide into a 3 day weekend?  Yahoo!

I had to think a little harder than usual about today’s post.  I wanted to do something to help ya’ll celebrate the 4th.  Usually, Christmas is the only holiday I really decorate for.  Not that I don’t like decorating or other holidays for that matter, but I USED to be too busy.  Just the thought of taking out stuff and putting it back up when it was done made me tired.

Ya’ll, there were years when only the TOP of my Christmas tree got put out and decorated.  I’d put it in a vase on the side table.  Nice, huh?  Sigh.

Now, I have a little more time for things like that!  So, I decided to make a 4th of July wreath for my front door.  Also, my “winter” one was still hanging there and winter is long gone here in South GA!  We never use my front door except for answering the occasional knock from random kids selling raffle tickets.  That’s my excuse anyway!

I’ve decided my front porch really needs a face lift.  I’m going to start with a new wreath and we’ll see where it goes from there!

I’m starting out with my sad, old, scraggly winter wreath.


Those berry picks have to go – of course I’ll be saving them for another project!  Now I need to give it a little “twig” cut and shape it up a little.


This is what I’m going to use to decorate it.  I don’t know where I got the fabric from, it’s been in my stash for quite some time.  You’ll need about 1/2 yard of each fabric – 1 yard total.  My wreath is about 12″ in diameter.  The metal stars have a Walmart clearance sticker, so I know that’s where they came from!


I laid my stars out and tested the position of them on my wreath.  In hindsight, I should have hot glued them together at this point.  That would have made it easier to keep them in place when I did the next step!


I used paint markers in red, white, and blue to write “Land that I Love” across the stars.  Then I just added some squiggles and dots for extra color.  Nothing too fancy!


Using some red twine I found in my stash, I tied the stars to the bottom of the wreath so they would hang below it.


I cut each of the fabrics into about 6″ x 9″ rectangles.  Then I cut notches in the ends of each piece and ripped them up!  Make sure you cut perpendicular to the edges of the fabric.  If you cut at a diagonal you’re not going to have much success!

20160701_084212  20160701_084923

Now, loop the fabric strips thru the pieces of the wreath and tie!  I just tied them once, I did not double knot. 🙂

20160701_152903 20160701_152812

After I tied a few, I hung the wreath up where I could see how the fabric would hang.  Then I just kept adding the strips until I liked the way it looked!


Now, I just need to clean my door before I hang it up!

Here’s how I store my wreaths:


If you look at the very top, I attached a metal curtain rod to the wall.  The kind that sticks out from the wall.  Then I put hooks on the back of my wreaths so I can hang them with S-hooks.  Out of the way and they don’t get crushed!

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See ya’ll back here on July 4th to announce the winner!!  Have a great weekend and be safe!!


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