Basic Plastic Drawer Makeover


Plastic drawers are a cheap way to organize spaces, but they’re not always nice to look at. You can remedy this with a little spray paint & decoupage.  This is one step closer to a better looking office that I might actually want to work in!  Let’s take a look at a plastic drawer makeover that’s sure to make you smile!  : )

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In the Beginning…

This plastic drawer has been hanging out in my office space for quite some time.  It’s useful, but not great to look at!

It’s also crammed full of stuff which I may or may not need anymore.  The empty drawer was for receipts, but I don’t need it for that anymore.

Time to clean this thing up & make it pretty!


After I cleaned off the layer of dust & stickers from the top, I took it outside to paint it.  A quick coat of seaside spray paint & it’s looking better already!  Just make sure the paint you use is okay for plastics – I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover.

I spritzed some navy blue sprinkles over it by pressing the nozzle lightly in short bursts.

Here’s a close up of my sprinkles!

I wanted this to go with my planter drawer, but not be exactly the same.  {I’m not a matchy-matchy type of gal!}  So, I decided to dry brush on a little of the yellow I used for that project.

I’m liking this so far!  Here’s another close-up ~>

Since I wasn’t digging the “Sterlite” logo on top {no offense to Sterlite!}, I decided to cover it with a metal scrapbook tag.  Then I added a feather charm to finish it off.

The Drawers

At first, I was going to paint the knobs, but they didn’t want to come off.  I was afraid if I tried too hard they would break & I would be “knob-less”!  So, I dug around in my bead supplies & found these little charms.  Perfect!

The loops on the back came off really easy with some jewelry pliers.  I buffed on a little metallic lustre in silver first, which worked quite well.  Then I glued the charms on with e6000 glue.  I decide I wanted the front to be less see thru, so I grabbed an assortment of scrapbook papers.

I was hoping to just cut a piece and tack it to inside, but the knobs didn’t allow that.  Dang knobs!  That’s when I decided to do some decoupage!  The fiber paper was easier to maneuver around the knobs, so I started with it.

I layered on pieces of the other papers using Modge Podge until it was covered.  Then I coated the back with more Modge Podge.

You see that #4?  I had to reglue these because I didn’t wait long enough for the glue to dry & they fell off.  Just remember how it looks here – you’ll see why!


While I waited for everything to dry, I decided to reorganize some things.  Let me just say right here – no, you can never have enough writing utensils!  Also, I do teach drafting & pencils are always disappearing from my classroom!

This led me to go ahead and fill up my planter drawer.  I knew those little compartments would be awesome for office supplies!

The larger drawers were perfect for “in-use” writing utensils & other important stuff – like lotion & lip balm!  That is the top of a butter dish & the matches are for my candle.

The top of this drawer was supposed to be a succulent planter, but there is no natural light in my office space.  Plants don’t really like that!  It works great to hold a candle, screen cleaner, &…. more writing utensils!

I may have a little problem y’all!  At least there’s scissors & a ruler in there too.  ; )

All Finished

Okay, everything’s dry & organized.  Time to put this drawer back together, but what’s that I see?!?

Y’all my #4 is upside down!!  That is just about to drive me crazy!  Maybe I can just look at my “carefree” tag on top & just forget about it.  We shall see!

It’s definitely better to look at than before.  That #4 though…. it’s like an itch I can’t scratch!

I’ll just take some deep breathes and write in my journal.  I mean, I’ve got plenty to write with!  Haha!  Y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Guida says:

    Wow that was awesome, I didn’t know you could paint plastic and I love the knobs you made. thanks that has given me a lot of ideas. I didnt notice the 4 until you mentioned it, just think of it as a “stand out feature” a talking point.

  2. Angie ~ ambient wares says:

    I love that you took it and made it your own! I’m obsessed with storage but, they do all look the same 😉 Aaaand, I will never stop being in complete awe of spray paint. It’s just the most amazing thing 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Funtastic Friday, Kristie! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Kristie Cook says:

      I love spray paint too! Just bought some more yesterday for the drawers in my craft room. Thank you for stopping by & hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

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