Best Made Plans – A Shirt Making Story


Usually, when I start a project I’ve had some kind of inspiration.  This shirt making project was no different.  I saw this Hi Lo Top over at Melly Sews that really struck my fancy. One of the best parts about this pattern – it was free!  Of course, free clothing patterns usually means adjustments, since they are usually in one size.  This one was a small and I needed it to be an extra large.   Thus began my shirt making story!

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Best Made Plans 

The picture below is what I made using my “adjusted” pattern.  I changed the sleeves from 3/4 length to a short sleeve with a slight puff at the shoulder.  There was a kind of ruffly collar.  I removed it after my husband said I looked like I was wearing an “old lady” shirt.  Gee, thanks.

shirt beginnings

After all my “careful” planning and adustments, the shirt was still too tight across the chest.  It hung around for awhile until I really needed a new shirt!  So, I cut it from the collar to the sleeve.

first cut

That didn’t seem to be enough, so I cut it again, all the way to the armpit!

second cut

I decided to use this leftover fabric from a Halloween costume.  It’s a knit and the shirt is a poly-blend.  Should be fine, right?

filler fabric

I sewed down one side and realized I was going to need the help of my mannequin.

sew one side

Pinning a slippery fabric to a hanging knit fabric is not super easy.  It took me quite some time to get it adjusted to my liking!

pin both sides

I sewed this seam on the outside just for an added detail.  Sorry this is so blurry!

sew it down

After trying this on, I decided to add a small slit in the back for a button closure.
slit back

Now I just needed to add trim at the collar and back slit.  Another blurry photo!  Coffee shakes, maybe?

pinned collar

Finally done!  I took this collar out and redid it again and I’m still not completely happy with it!

collar sewn

Side view.


Back view.

full back

Button detail.  This is not even and it really bugs me!  I redid this as well, but at some point it’s just time to move on!

button detail


As you can see, sometimes the best made plans end up completely different in the end.  Rarely do I start a project – sewing or diy – that doesn’t change to some extent along the way.  That’s just life though!  If things aren’t changing, you’re not really living.  I have worn this shirt, on many occasions, and no one but me has noticed the flaws that I see!  Sometimes you gotta step away from the details and look at the whole picture.

What plans have you made that ended up completely different from where you started?  I’d love to here in the comments below!

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