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It’s been a little bit since I’ve done a yarny post & this one is full of fiber fun!  I’ve been a little obsessed with pinning all things weaving lately, especially crafters using unusual things for a weaving frame.  I decided to re-purpose the branch from an older Halloween project & try out some branch weaving.  I’m also going to share some links to some fabulous yarn art I’ve been finding around the inter webs.  Hope y’all enjoy!

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Yarn Art

You can find all sorts of yarn art around the web & there are some pretty fantastic pieces out there!  Everything from this knitted chair at the Twisted Yarn to yarn bombing a tank is out there for your viewing pleasure.  What is yarn bombing?  Basically covering an object, or part of it, in yarn!.  Little {or big} patches of yarny goodness to brighten the world!  You can check out this “Yarn Bombing 101” article over on Craftsy to learn more.

When I was researching branch weaving, I came across these amazing weavings from Back Gate Studios on Etsy.  So gorgeous!  The shop looks like it’s fairly new, but I think it will do well.  : D  Here are some more amazing ideas & things to look at involving yarn ~>

My Version of Branch Weaving

I started with this branch that I originally used for my “Whimsical Halloween Decor” post.  Of course, I had remove the magical dust bunnies first!

I trimmed off some of the thinner branches because I didn’t want them breaking in the middle of weaving.  Then I grabbed my yarn scrap bin.

I started my yarn in the main fork of the branch & just let the tail hang back over the end.

Then I wrapped it down & back up covering the gaps & tail.

Once I got to the fork, I made a full loop around one side.  Then I went back & forth between the two sides, wrapping twice before moving to the next side.

I continued up the branch to a certain point & decided to change to a maroon yarn.  I used this joining technique I found at Lions Brand Yarn.  It worked okay, but I think I need more practice!

I continued wrapping the yarn until I reached the next fork in the branch.


Then I used some shorter yarn scraps to weave into one side.  I used a plastic needle to do this.

When I was satisfied with that side, I started on the adjacent fork.  I threaded the new yarn through the previous weaving & wrapped it mostly the same as the first fork.

The only difference is that I went between the yarn already on one side.  These were the only pictures of the process because I got really focused on it & forgot to take more pictures!  Oops!

All Finished

Here it is all finished!

I didn’t do a cross weave on the smaller branches since I used more textured yarns.

This is the back side of the branch.  The colorful tails hanging down are from the side weaving.

You can see how the yarn fro the side weaving interlaced with the yarn from the front weaving.

This is the side weaving…

Here’s another picture of the back at a different angle…

And here’s one more overall with it flipped over…

I like how this turned out, but I’m looking forward to doing another.  There is definitely room for improvement!  Hope y’all have a fantastic week!

Don’t forget to check out Monique’s last ornament for the Merry Christmas Sew-Along!  It’s also the last one altogether, which is a little sad, but we had so much fun doing it!  : )

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  1. Skye B says:

    I am loving this!!!! It looks so awesome and unique, I can see a Christmas tree made like this too 😃 I love the idea of yarn bombing but never thought I could participate as I can’t knit – we see the occasional piece here. But this – this looks doable for me 😃 thank you and well done 😊

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thank you Skye! Making one for Christmas sounds awesome! I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing yarn bombing in person but maybe one day I’ll get to do one myself 😊

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