Can I Have S’more Please?

Yesterday was national s’mores day & I decided it was time to try out some of the s’more recipes I’ve been collecting on Pinterest.  My son decided to join in & it made for a fun evening in the kitchen.  These are the things I will miss when he leaves for college.  Sigh.  Anyway, I’m also including some fun facts & products I found when looking around for s’more ideas.  Hee hee!  I love a good pun, in case the title isn’t a clue!  There’s also a fun free printable I whipped up on PicMonkey.  Time for s’more fun!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist! ; D

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S’more Making Adventures

I settled on 3 new s’more recipes to try, which lead to this sort of odd assortment of ingredients….

Yep, there’s bacon in that picture!  There’s also the usual suspects for s’more making plus some Rhodes yeast rolls I pre-thawed out.  My son had a lot of fun grinding a packet of the graham crackers into dust with my Ninja.  He also had fun hiding the marshmallow fluff from me & making me look all over the kitchen for it!  Like I need help misplacing things!  : D

First on the list was this s’more popcorn recipe from The Merrythought.  Since I didn’t have graham cracker cereal, we used the graham cracker dust instead.  Thinking I’d save some time, I used pre-popped popcorn from the $1 aisle & that was a mistake!  It was a little stale tasting & I’ll pop my own next time!

My son was in charge of adding the melted chocolate & he got it on everything!  Of course, I probably would have done the same thing!

S’more Bombs

We prepared these s’more “bombs” before starting the popcorn, so they could bake while we did other things.

These are loosely based on this s’more slider recipe I found at Foodnessgracious.  I didn’t have Hawaiian rolls, so I stuffed the yeast roll dough with marshmallows & chocolate chips.  Then we rolled them in a little butter & graham cracker dust.

A little melted chocolate to top them off & we were ready to cut one open…

Umm…  it’s hollow!  It’s like the marshmallow stayed long enough to make a hole then disappeared!  Very strange, but still tasty.

Next on our list to try was a basic s’more, with a twist – bacon!  I found this idea over at My Recipes & new we had to try it out.  I think my son enjoyed this part a little too much….

After we toasted the marshmallows, I left them in a hot skillet to melt a little more…

These were my favorite of all the recipes we tried!

This was such a fun way to spend the evening!  I really enjoy cooking in the kitchen with my son!

S’more Fun Stuff

I have fond memories of roasting marshmallows by a campfire on several occasions.  The toasted marshmallow is my favorite part!  It seems many people are fond of the s’more because I found so many fun recipes & products that center around this very American dessert.

I’m really loving this fabric from Vintage Trailer Supply.  It would make some fun kitchen accessories!  This Favorite Camping Friends fabric from Spoonflower can also be made as wallpaper or gift wrap.  S’more wallpaper…. hmmm….. maybe not!

This is the cutest S’more Marshmallow Plushie from Etsy, but sadly it’s no longer available.  I’m sure some of my sewing friends would have no problem figuring out how to make one!  I couldn’t resist starting on this crocheted roasting marshmallow & fire pit set from Amigurumi To Go last night – so cute!

If you want to try to make your s’more more “adult”, check out this s’more cocktail.  Definitely interesting!  Maybe a healthy s’more would make your day – although I’d be curious if the taste was up to par.

Tired of roasting your marshmallows on sticks over the campfire?  Try out some of these s’more makers!

I’m also loving these s’mores socks {especially the blue ones} & think I need a pair to keep my feet snuggly on chilly nights.  Or how about those pj’s with a funny pun?  You know I’m a sucker for punny tees!  Hee hee!

There were lots of places celebrating the day & I really wish I lived close enough to check out the fun!  Hershey Park celebrated it right with s’more funnel cakes & milkshakes.  Yum!  This place is on my bucket list to visit – chocolate everywhere!

Check out this article from Wonderopolis to learn a little about the s’more history {it’s really a mystery still}.  I love this websites name & it would have been useful to have as a kid.  My parents would have had a place to send me when I asked “why” about everything!

Here’s a fun printable to help y’all have s’more fun!  ; )  Just click on the picture and it will take you to the pdf which is an 8 1/2″ x 11″ print.  Have a great weekend!


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