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Do y’all remember macrame?  My mother had a macrame planter for years in her living room.  Well, it’s making a come back & I’m not complaining!  I love anything crafty especially if it involves yarn or fabric.  This project is part DIY & part yarny goodness.  That means it’s okay for Monday, which is all about fabric & fiber projects.  ?

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diy macrame frame

The Frame

This frame is the second of a pair I bought at a yard sale for a $1 apiece.  The other one was used for my Spooky Spider Frame.  They were a larger size & had great detail so I couldn’t pass them up!

I gave the frame a quick coat of chalk paint in vintage, then grabbed my other supplies.  I’m using a ruler & sharpie to mark locations for the eye screws.  The metallic lustre in gold is for adding highlights on the frame.

Using a small wood bit, I drilled starter holes for the eye screws at the marks I made.

Then I attached the eye screws.  There are 11 in all, but that’s really only because I had 11 eye screws! ?

Finally I rubbed some gold lustre on the frame to help highlight the details.

The frame is now ready for some yarn!


I’m using 24/7 Cotton by Lion Brand Yarns.  I find it’s a very smooth yarn & gets less tangles during the macrame process.

I cut my yarn to 4 times the length of the frame.  The thread is doubled & you’ll need extra because of the knots.

I used a reverse larkshead knot to attach the thread to the eye screws.  Fold the yarn in half & put the looped in through the eye screw. Pull the tails through the loop & pull taunt.

Here’s how it looks with all the yarn attached.  If you want less space in the work, use more eye screws.  You could also use bigger eye screws & put multiple threads per each one.

I just used a basic square knot & kept the doubled threads together as one strand.  You can look here for some different knot types.

Next row….

And one more!  In this row I split the middle thread to get a different look.

Eventually I decided to add a different yarn on the sides for some texture.

This is a very light & airy macrame that I’m not quite finished with!

I intend to fill in some more with the different yarn & let the ends hang past the bottom of the frame.

Watch for more progress on Instagram {feed is also in my side bar}.  I will also post a finished {hopefully!} picture in my monthly roundup post this Friday.  Happy Monday!



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