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Did you ever feel like for every step forward you were taking 10 steps backwards?  The past few weeks has totally felt that way for me!  I’m slowly getting things under control – it’s a process!  Anyway, today’s the last part of my Easy Christmas Gifts series!!  It’s a little late, but the Handmade Holidays over on Sew Mama Sew runs through the end of the month.  That means I get to share gifts I made from all but the last category.  It wasn’t up in time for me to make something and add it to this post!  I hope y’all have enjoyed this series and found some inspiration for gift making this year.  Even if you only make one gift to give this year I’m sure the recipient will feel extra special receiving something handmade!

Just a reminder – the title for each category will link to it’s list on Sew Mama Sew and the link for the project takes you directly to the site with the tutorial for my project pick.  I’ll also be showing several options from Amazon under each category labeled “My Amazon Picks”.   Alright, let’s get started!

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you buy something through my link or ad.  This does not change your cost it just helps keep this blog running.  Thanks for your support!  See Privacy Policy for more information.

Handmade Bags

Most of the bags in this category are not something I would consider easy to make so I went with a bag accessory.  The leather tassel from Emma at Emkie Designs was very easy to make.  The only thing I’m missing is the rivet because I don’t have one.  I see a trip to the craft store in my near future!  I made this from leftover faux ostrich skin leather I used to cover my grandmother-in-law’s dining room chairs.


Gifts for Design Lovers

The Tiny Treasures Basket and Tray from Anna Graham at Noodlehead were my picks for this category.  I just did square corners instead of using the template for the rounded corners.  I also used batting instead of a stiffener which just gives it a softer feel.



This category is more for decorating than gifting, but the Holly Wreath Template from Stitching Cards would make a great Christmas card or gift tag.  I used all gold thread and copper beads for a neutral look.  The frame was rubbed with a little metallic luster and I used a printed burlap for the back ground.


Gifts for Fitness Lovers

For this category I picked the DIY Running Belt from Kelly Bryden at Brit + Co.  Let me just say, I am not a runner!  The only time I’m running is if something chasing me.  🙂  I do, however, run around the house doing things, usually in leggings or yoga pants, which don’t have pockets.  My phone is always in the room I’m not it.  This pouch will be perfect for keeping up with my phone!

I used the bottom half of an old sports tee for my straps.  I just measured up from the bottom of the tee and cut off what I needed.  As you can see, I still need some velcro!  The craft store is calling my name!


Gifts for Crafters

This can be a daunting category for the non-crafty gift giver!  Most crafters I know will appreciate any effort made towards a hand crafted gift.  Since I already had something similar started, the Pocket Mending Book from Heidi at Fabric Mutt was my choice for this category.  The one I made uses a pattern I got out of a book I have since given away and I don’t remember the name.  Sorry!  You can usually find a sewing kit at the Dollar Tree to fill it up.  I would check out the dollar bins at the craft store first for some slightly better sewing utensils.  This is a great thing for anyone to keep in their purse for wardrobe malfunctions.


As a crafter, I would highly recommend Craftsy for gifts!  They have classes for yarn crafts, sewing, baking, photography, etc.  A crafting class is a gift that keeps on giving, in my opinion!  Craftsy also has a great selection of supplies, patterns, and kits to get you started.


Luxe Gifts

The Snowdrift Slouch Hat from Rebecca at Little Monkeys Crochet is such a fun pattern to crochet!  I really love the texture and I know some gals on my Christmas list that will love this.  Unfortunately, I haven’t finished mine yet, but here’s my work in progress!


Stuffed Toys

Have I mentioned before what a nerd I am?  I have loved Star Wars since the beginning, so I had to go with the Maz Kanata softie from Mollie at Wild Olive.  This is a character from the new Star Wars movie, for those that don’t know.  I really want to make the Chewbacca she mentions in her post as well!  Since I was in a hurry (trying to finish for this post) I missed adding the head to the body before sewing the front to the back.  I wound up having to hand sew the head on which is why she’s a little wrinkly, but she is in the movie too!


Upcycled Gifts

I love taking something headed for the trash or donate pile and giving it a new purpose.  I have mounds many pairs of old jeans in my work space.  This made the denim apron from Vickie Myers Creations a perfect choice for this category.  I didn’t have any strap material for the ties, so I used the waistbands from two different pairs of jeans.  I also used the jean pocket for my front pocket.  The cut edges are simply finished with two rows of straight stitching.


Tropical Gifts

I chose the flamingo stocking from Allison at Dream a Little Bigger for this category.  The template can be enlarged for a full size stocking, but I thought the regular template was the perfect size for giving a gift in.  I cheated a little by using fabric glue to hold down the bulbs and a paint pen to draw on the cord and eye.


Handmade Christmas Ornaments

This is the last category and I didn’t have time to make anything from it before this post.  As I’ve said before, Christmas decor is not something I consider for gifts at Christmas.  However, ornaments can be a great way to accessorize the package!  Here are my favorites from this category:

Wooden Mushroom Ornament from Cheri at Tinker With This – These are so cute and look really easy to make!

Felt Unicorn Ornament from Mollie at Wild Olive – This is not featured, but there’s a link to it with the 3D Hexie Ornament.  She has so many cute ornament ideas!  I will be pinning some for later!

Polar Family Felt Ornament Set from Stephanie at Imagine Our Life – A narwhal, penguin, and polar bear family – yes please!


And Finally…

I have finally made the Mermaid Tail Blanket from Made for Mermaids!  If you use minky fabric like I did, be prepared for the mess!  There are little pink fuzzies all over my work space.  I do have some top stitching to do still. 🙂



I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see y’all back here on Friday!



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