Easy Christmas Gifts – Part 2


It’s time for the second installment of Easy Christmas Gifts.  I think y’all are going to really love some of the projects I’m going to show you today!  Just like last time, the title for each category will link to it’s list on Sew Mama Sew.  The link for the project takes you directly to the site with the tutorial for the project I chose.  This time I’m showing several different options from Amazon under each category labeled “My Amazon Picks”.  I still haven’t managed to get the mermaid blanket done from Part 1, but I will have it done before the end of the month!  I want to add my Seatbelt Cover as an option to the travel category from Part 1, so just click the link to see the tutorial.  Let’s get started with Part 2!

Here’s a preview of the gifts all together!  You can see my Halloween sign photo-bombing in the bottom left!  🙂

easy christmas gifts part-2

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Gifts for Babies

I have made many, many, gifts for babies.  There are lots of people in my family and they make lots of babies!  My pick for this category is the Diaper Wipes and Case from Amber of Crazy Little Projects.  As you can see, I haven’t added the velcro yet.  I still need to make a trip to the craft store!  Amber has a great tutorial for this – there’s even a video.


Tip ~> Cut out one of each pattern piece.  Once you tape the flap pattern piece to the bottom piece, just fold the flap under to cut out the pieces without the flap.  Then you only need one pattern piece!

Fast Holiday Projects

Although this is for holiday decor projects, it could still be a nice gift if it’s given before the holiday!  The Lumberjack Pillow from Nancy Zieman is my pick for this category.  I already had an old t-shirt and blanket I was planning on making into a pillow.


I added batting behind the t-shirt panel and quilted it with red thread for some more color.  The blanket piece is on the back with the fringe poking up at the top.


Tip ~> Think about how you can re-purpose items before tossing or donating.  I used the rest of my t-shirt to make yarn {pictured in the bowl up top}.

Heirloom Gifts

I think anything handmade would qualify as a heirloom gift.  For this category I went with the Tooth Fairy Cushion from Handmade Jane’s.  As you can see, I made it to match my diaper and wipe case from above.  I’m planning on gifting it together.


Tip ~> Add initials for a more personalized gift.  {I plan on adding initials to this one, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise if they’re reading my post!}

Gifts for Book Lovers

Since I am a book lover myself, I picked two items from this category.  This Tassle Bookmark from Sarah of Live a Little Wilder could not be simpler to make!  I need to find some more cute paper clips so I can make more of these!


My second pick for this category is the Pocket Pillow from Lyndsey at Fort Worth Studio Fabrics.  I had already crocheted a square that I was planning on making into a pillow – funny how that keeps happening!  The pocket was an easy addition.


Tip ~> Add a piece of fabric behind crocheted panels for pillows to keep stuffing from coming through.

Quick and Easy Gifts

This Printable Wall Art from Melanie of Hello Melly Designs is a close 2nd to the bookmark tassle for “easiest project”.  There is a very colorful version too, but I printed the black and white.  I trimmed it down and added a pretty piece of scrapbook paper behind it.


Tip ~> You can find inexpensive frames at most thrift stores.  Just add a coat of chalk paint for a fresher look!

Gifts for the Entertainer

I took some creative liberties with the next project.  The Mason Jar Utensil Caddy from Toni of Small Home Soul is my pick for the entertainer.  Her tutorial requires cutting wood and pipe fittings.  I was trying to avoid buying anything, so I looked around my work space for things to use.  My caddy is made with a partition piece from an old bookshelf, brass nails, wire, and a silver-plated fork.  Since it varies so much from her tutorial, I will be doing a post for my version soon!


Tip ~> Never be defeated by a projects supply list!  Think about what you have on hand that could replace something you’re missing.

Gifts for the Cook

If you’re a Pinterest user, I know you’ve seen this project floating around!  My pick for the final category is the Rope Bowl from Julie Hirt of 627 Handworks.  I didn’t have any rope laying around so, I made mine from a combination of leftover para cord, odd shoelaces, and leftover upholstery piping cord.


This was so much fun to make!  I’ll be looking differently at the rope in the hardware stores from now on!  It’s really pliable so I bent the edges for a different look.  I don’t know how useful a cook would find this, but I still love it!


Tip ~> If you use shoelaces – use rounded ones and cut the aglet off first.  {That’s the plastic thing on the end.}

I hope y’all enjoyed this round-up of Easy Christmas Gifts.  They were all fun to make!  Which one did y’all like best?  I really can’t decide!

Hope y’all have an excellent week and that I stirred your imaginations a little!  Bye for now!



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