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This weekend was busy, busy, busy for me – how about y’all?  My house was a little chaotic because I was wrapping presents, finishing presents, decorating, cooking, etc.  I only had a path to walk through at one point!  I’m trying to wrap up my Christmas decorating (which is usually done by now) so I can focus on the gift wrapping and cooking.  At some point, I realized I had no decorations outside.  If I was going to put anything out it needed to be quick and easy.  A quick look around and soon I had everything I needed to make some easy outdoor Christmas decor.

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Most of the items I used came from my yard.  I have some hanging baskets at the end of my driveway that were long overdue for some sprucing up.  This would work in any empty flower-pot and it doesn’t require watering!  Here’s what else I used:

  • pine cones – picked these up out of my yard
  • rosemary sprigs – cut from my rosemary bush.  You could really use any kind of evergreen for this.
  • Shatterproof ornaments – that’s just a fancy way of saying plastic ornaments!
  • Invisible thread or fishing line – I used fishing line and either will work.  Just don’t get the elastic invisible thread.


I left the old potting soil in the basket to act as a filler.  This way you don’t need as many decorations.  Filling the basket is really as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Add the pine cones and kind of twist them into the dirt a bit.
  2. Then add the rosemary sprigs around the edges.
  3. Now fill in with the ornaments.  I turned mine upside down to see more of the color.

easy as 1-2-3I decided to add some ornaments to the hook.  Just cut a long piece of fishing line and tie an ornament to one end.  Wrap the fishing line around the hook, suspending the ornament underneath.

Now add ornaments along the fishing line, tying them and wrapping as you go.  Once you have what you like, fasten off and trim the ends.  I also tucked in a few more sprigs of rosemary.

close upsWasn’t that easy?  Here’s a full view:

easy outdoor christmas decorAs you can see it started raining on my while I was finishing up!  I’ll wait until it finishes to do the other one!


I’m always looking for boxes and tins to give food gifts in.  Usually I buy them at after Christmas sales or yard sales, but I don’t always like the pattern on the lid.  An easy way to fix that is with chalkboard paint!  I just spray down the lids so I can write/draw whatever I want to on it!  I did coat them down with regular spray paint first to be sure the pattern doesn’t bleed through.

chalkboard tinsI’ve been extra busy this Christmas since I started the blog, so I decided to keep my Christmas tablescape super simple.  It’s also functional because I’ll need some of the table when I start baking and making treats.

christmas tablescapeI’ll be filling those empty dishes with treats soon!  That piece of cake is all that’s left of a delicious and way too easy cake recipe I found over at My Thrifty House.  It’s a chocolate peanut butter bundt cake that bakes in the microwave in 12 minutes!!

I used a glass casserole dish coated in coconut oil since I don’t have a microwavable bundt cake pan.  There was a little bit in the center, top that didn’t get done and I just scoop it off since the rest was done.  The bundt pan would surely prevent this because of the hole in the middle.  I also left off the topping, mostly because I didn’t want to wait to eat the cake!

This is the perfect recipe when you need a super quick cake for any event.  The peanut butter cups could easily be swapped out for other candies.  How about some Andes mints or caramels?  So many possibilities!

Hope y’all enjoy and have a marvelous Monday!

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  1. Denise Bryant says:

    Kristie….that table set up is adorable and thanks so much for the shout out for my cake. I am going to make another one for work real soon….don’t want it at home or I will eat it all. 🙂

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Your welcome Denise! My husband ate the last piece last night. The next one I make will go elsewhere too – it’s dangerous to have at home. I’m glad you liked the table, thank you!

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