From Harvest Yellow to “Hello!” – A Foot Stool Makeover Story


Happy Friday y’all!  Who’s ready for Thanksgiving?  I’m looking forward to seeing family and stuffing my face full of scrumptious food!  This little foot stool makeover will be the perfect place to prop my feet after I’ve eaten way too much.

Before I get into my makeover story, I’ve got a question.  Who goes to Black Friday sales?

I used to for years, but then I got a little disenchanted with the whole thing.  I’m thinking about having a Black Friday Pajama Party on my Facebook page.  This is what I was thinking:

  • You can stay home in your pajamas (with some coffee and leftover pie) and shop online for Black Friday deals.
  • I’ll be putting up deals I find from my affiliates – Amazon, Cents of Style, and Craftsy (currently).
  • If you have something you’re looking for a deal on, you can certainly message me and I’ll try to find you the best deal online – even if it’s not from my affiliates.

What do y’all think?  I’d appreciate any feedback and thoughts on this!  Now that that’s out of the way, on to the foot stool makeover!

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Fashion Friday

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In the beginning, there was an ugly foot stool…. 

I bought this foot stool at the 100 mile yard sale in October.  It’s a lovely (debatable) shade of harvest yellow.  Since it was only $5 and had an embossed pattern that intrigued me, I snapped it up.  When I got it home, I was going to take off the bottom half to recover it, until I saw what was inside!  What is that??


It looks like a mound of pine straw!  Since that wasn’t going to be an option, I stitched it back up and turned to my friends – paint and hot glue gun – for assistance.

The Makeover…

First, I sprayed the top down with a creme colored spray paint.  I wasn’t digging it, so I decided to pull out the chalk paint, in the aptly named shade of Treasure.  After two coats, it was still a little dull.  So I gave it some shine with a coat of deep brown creme wax.  Looking good, but I toned it down with some clear creme wax to help more of the “treasure” come through!


Now this stool needed a skirt for the ball!  This old valance and leftover screw cover should do the trick!


The valance was leftover from a bedding set and the screw cover was part of a light fixture that had burned out long ago.  I cut the the valance down to size and used some iron on hem tape to give it a finished edge.


Then I grabbed my trusty hot glue gun and got to work dressing up the sides of the stool.


Finally, a fabulous foot stool for my feet to rest upon!  {say that 3 times real fast!}


I used a little brown acrylic paint to cover some of the hot glue “blemishes”.


I hope y’all enjoyed this makeover story!  See y’all next week for more Easy Christmas Gifts, a pecan pie recipe, and maybe … a Black Friday pajama party!  Hope y’all have a great weekend!


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