I’m a Georgia girl


Ok, some of you may have seen my Georgia necklace I’ve been showing off.  Cents of Style offered it to me for a story about why I picked the Georgia necklace.  It’s super cute and I have lots to say about why I love Georgia; so why wouldn’t I say yes?

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I’ve always lived in Georgia.  Most of my friends couldn’t wait to leave when they graduated.  I never felt that way.

20160714_145608As a child, I was very quiet and observant.  I was also a tomboy – climbing trees, playing in the dirt, and fishing with my Dad.  We took trips almost every weekend to different places in Georgia.  Sometimes we went to the mountains and found a trail to hike.  Other times we went to places like Westville to watch blacksmiths and candle makers.  There was always something to do within driving distance.  This fueled my passion for learning and being creative.  Getting to go out and explore was glorious!


We always had big family gatherings several times a year.  There was always great food, laughter, and really great stories.  This is where I got to learn about all the people that helped make me – me!  The women in my family have strong opinions and even stronger voices.  They helped me realize I can be strong, smart, and beautiful!

Georgia is where most of my family lives, so that’s where my heart is.  Family, whether blood relative or not, has always been my happiest place.  Even if I decide to up and move one day, Georgia will always be my home!

This necklace helps me express that to everyone around me, no matter where I go!

Go get your very own Georgia necklace at Cents of Style!  Not a Georgia fan?  No worries, they have ALL the states!  The best part is that you can get them for only $11.99 with FREE shipping from now until Sunday!  Just use the code NEWSTATE at checkout.


So, what’s your favorite state?  Where is your heart and home?  I’d love to know!  Just tell me in the comments below!

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