Little Miss Muffet Framed Art + Free Printables {Monthly Crafty Destash}


Today I’m using some fabric leftovers, scrapbook paper, & a repurposed frame to create a Little Miss Muffet framed art piece.  There’s also two free printables, so yay!  This post is extra exciting for me because I’m joining a group of bloggers for the Craft Room Destash Challenge.  Y’all know I need to clean up my stash!

Every month, a group of bloggers challenge each other to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies!  Rules are to use mostly things from your stash & up to $10 in extra supplies if needed.  Check out some awesome creations you might be able to make from your own stash! #CraftRoomDestashChallenge

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My Supplies

All of my supplies today were in my craft space, so I didn’t need to purchase anything.

Making the yo-yos is the only thing that takes a little concentration for this project.  It goes together really quickly after that!

Making a Yo-Yo

Okay, confession time here!  I’ve been sewing for over 20 years and this is the first time I’ve made a yo-yo!  Crazy, right?  This is more about using the template I’m providing than making the yo-yo.  Check out this tutorial from the Spruce if you’ve never made a yo-yo.  You can also buy a yo yo maker to help out with the stitching.

I started out with two charm squares left over from my Splash quilt project.  My fabric pictures will be orange at first then magically change to red!  It’s really because I forgot to take pictures before I made the yo-yos. ?

I used my Circle Scissor to cut out my circle templates.  You can really use anything round to make a template, like a glass or jar.  The mushroom template I’ve provided has a pattern piece for the yo-yo & mushroom stem.

I used the cardstock to make templates for outer & inner circle.  An old cereal box works great for this too!  Something stiffer works better for the templates especially if you plan to use them repeatedly.

My inner circle line is what I’m using as my stitch line.  If you follow the tutorial I referenced above, this can be the fold line.

Once the line is stitched, you can pull up the thread to create your yo-yo.  Most people use a yo-yo with the cinched side up, which is why the ends are folded under.  It’s usually covered with a button.  I decided I liked the other side better for this because it looks like a mushroom top!

I like the 3D effect of the yo-yos for this project, but you can use regular scrapbook paper or smaller fabric circles if you don’t want to make yo-yos.

Assembling the Framed Art

The Little Miss Muffet printable I’ve provided is just the text & web line.  I printed this on a 8 1/2″ x 11″ scrapbook paper that looks like old newsprint.

Now it’s time to glue down the parts!  I used an Elmer’s Craft Bond stick for the flat pieces & regular Elmer’s glue for the yo-yos.  The link in my list of supplies is for a dual ended Elmer’s Craft Bond stick which would eliminate the need for two products.

I grabbed a frame I already had that was adorning my mantel shelf.  This was a cheap wooden frame I painted with chalk paint.

The current art work would need a different background, so I started digging in my scrapbook paper scrap bin {mouthful!} for some trim.

I found a piece I liked, cut it into 1″ strips, & glued it around the edges of the backing.  This keeps me from having to use a full piece of scrapbook paper that will be mostly covered.  I also only add glue in spots so it’s easier to remove when I get ready to change things up!

Lucky for me, I found some old Halloween paper in my bin with the perfect spider!  My Cutter Bee scissors worked great to get around those tiny details.  You could use a spider punch, stitched, or drawn spider for this as well.

Everything is glued down, so now it’s time to frame it!

I think this still fits in nicely with my current mantel shelf decor.  A little whimsy is always nice!

Here’s a closer view ~>

I think I might like making yo-yos now!  Hope y’all have a marvelous Monday!

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  1. Molly says:

    This is precious! What a good way to use your destash items. It would look so cute in a little one’s nursery. Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration, pinning 🙂

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thank you! I thought the same thing, but my son is headed to college so no littles around. Maybe a shower gift one day. 🙂

  2. Habiba says:

    I am not familiar with the little Miss Muffet, but I really love the combination of paper, fabric and obviously a story or poem! I like that you used the frame that was already “in action” in your house to help out in this new project. I do that sometimes, too! Last with a bouquet of silk peonies I recycled for my butterfly wings to wear for a faery festival 😉

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