Merry Christmas Sew-Along ~ Supplies List

This post is so exciting for me!  The first {of many hopefully!} sew along for Teadoddles!  I’ve partnered with my friend Monique of Farm House Quilts to bring y’all the Merry Christmas Sew-Along.  We’ll be sharing a total of 10 ornament patterns we designed over the next 5 months – all for FREE!  You’ll find dates, a supply list {of sorts}, & a little more info about the sew-along in this post.  That will give you a whole week to get ready so you can join in the fun!

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Some Backstory & Dates

I’ve wanted to do some kind of “along” for a while now.  Quilt alongs {or crochet alongs} take so much planning & materials, it’s not easy to just whip one together.  Monique & I had been emailing each other back and forth with ideas for some kind of sew along.  Eventually we settled on Christmas ornaments!

Ornaments would be easier to make designs for, & stitch up, for both of us.  It was a great solution!  There was much more emailing to decide on themes, dates, designing banners, etc.  We are both so excited about this & can’t wait to share our designs with y’all!

Monique will be sharing an embroidery version & I’ll be sharing a sewn/quilted version of the “theme” each month.  We only decided on a theme for the month & did not share our designs with each other.  That means I will see Monique’s design at the same time y’all do!  Here are some dates to look forward to {well, I hope y’all look forward to them!}:

  • August 14th …………ornament #1 {Teadoddles}
  • August 28th …………ornament #2 {Farm House Quilts}
  • September 11th ….ornament #3 {Teadoddles}
  • September 25th ….ornament #4 {Farm House Quilts}
  • October 9th …………ornament #5 {Teadoddles}
  • October 23rd ………ornament #6 {Farm House Quilts}
  • November 13th ….ornament #7 {Teadoddles}
  • November 27th ….ornament #8 {Farm House Quilts}
  • December 11th …..ornament #9 {Teadoddles}
  • December 18th …..ornament #10 {Farm House Quilts}

You’ll notice there’s a new ornament pattern every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month, except December because the 4th Monday falls on Christmas day.  We know y’all will want to get all the ornaments done & on the tree before then.  ; )  Of course, you could hang them wherever you want!  That’s giving me an idea…. more on that later!


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Okay, now for the fun stuff!  Monique listed her supply list this past Friday & you can check that out right here.  I’m just using things I already have from my craft room to make these, so let’s plunder around & see what we find!  {There may or may not be some clues as to what the ornaments will be in these photos.  I’ll never tell!  ; D }

My first stop is my fabric shelf, mainly the top two rows.  These are my quilting fabrics!

I decided to use this fun plaid for the back of all my ornaments, especially since I scored another yard of this at a yard sale!

The scraps in this container might be too small….

But I think these scraps will be just right!  I may even borrow a few things from my apparel scraps….

These batting scraps will come in handy as well….

Of course there will be some fun details, so this embroidery floss will come in handy….

Maybe some ribbons…..

Or yarn scraps….

Can’t leave out the buttons!

Oh, I forgot I had these!  So cute!

Some beads might be nice too….

I’ll definitely be using my favorite transfer & applique papers…

The List

Did you see any clues?  They are there if you know what you’re looking for – tee hee!  Here’s a list of basic supplies in case your craft hoard collection is not as crazy extensive as mine:

  • Fabrics ~ Use those scraps!  Most of the patterns will have smaller pieces, so scraps are great.  If you want to use a fabric collection for your ornaments, check out these great Christmas bundles.  A fat quarter is all you need for all the ornament backs & a charm pack should be plenty for the smaller pieces.
  • Batting ~ Again, scraps are great for these.  For those that don’t have batting scraps, one of these craft sized batting packs will be more than enough.
  • Pattern Tracing ~ You will need to be able to print out the designs & I’ll give you some tips for getting them from paper to fabric when the first post goes out.  These are items I will be using:
    • Sulky water-soluble stabilizer – great for embroidery details {I’ll be using this for Monique’s designs too!}
    • Tracing paper – My favorite tracing paper is medical paper, but I may have a way to do this without the tracing paper.  I just need to test it out first!
    • Heat n Bond Lite ~ This will help hold down the smaller pieces until they can be sewn down.
  • Decorations ~  Really, anything goes!  Buttons, ribbons, beads, lace, fabric paint, yarn scraps, etc. can be used to decorate your ornaments.  I’ll show you how to put the basic ornament together & how I decorate it, but that’s not set in stone!  Let your imagination run wild!

Okay, I think that’s a fairly decent list for what you will/might need.  This will be a great sew-along to use up scraps & bits & pieces!

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Let’s Get Social!

Sew-alongs are all about being social & making new friends that share your passion for making.  We’d love to see your versions of the ornaments, so join our Facebook group & show them off.  It’s also a great place to ask questions about anything you don’t understand.  You’ll have to visit our blogs to get the awesome patterns, but we’ll share a link to the posts in the Facebook group.

You can also sign up for our newsletters so you don’t miss a post!  My sign up is in the side bar or below the post if your on a mobile phone.

You can also tag your makes with #merrychristmasSAL2017 so we can find your awesome ornaments on Instagram.  Find us on Instagram:

Monique & I are very excited about this Merry Christmas Sew-Along & hope y’all will join us in some merry ornament making!   Have a marvelous Monday!

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    • Kristie Cook says:

      It’s so hard to keep it a secret! Good thing people can’t see my face, cause I’m terrible at surprises! 😉

  1. Guida says:

    Ok you and Monique are both good at teasing. I will have to see what I can easily find, will be using what I have. Have put myself on a no craft spend, this is my first day, I hate it already. Take care and looking forward to the reveal.

    • Kristie Cook says:

      It’s so hard to keep it a secret Guida! I definitely understand using what you have because I’m doing that too. These ornaments will be perfect for those bits & pieces we crafty folk tend to hang on to! 😉

  2. Joyce says:

    I love how you have everything so organized. I’m trying to do the same but have a ways to go. I have a huge bag of scraps plus a plastic bin filled with Christmas fabric. So looking forward to the first ornament.

    • Kristie Cook says:

      It took me a while to get things under control, so I’m sure you’ll get there too! This SAL is scrap friendly & it sounds like you are ready! I can’t wait to share the pattern with everyone – I’m counting down the days!

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