Organizing the Home with Cup Hooks


Since I’m on an “organize & clean up” kick I’ve noticed how often I turn to cup hooks to help out with this.  You can find them in almost every room of my house!  I also had a dilemma in my craft room that was fixed with the help of some cup hooks.  Today I’ll show you how I use cup hooks for organizing around the house & how I fixed my craft room dilemma.

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So Many Hooks!

I have a ton of cup hooks!  They come in so many different sizes, colors, & finishes I like to have a variety on hand.  Of course when they get as big as the red one they’re called “screw hooks“.

Here’s how I use them around the house!

The Kitchen

I have some cup hooks on the inside of my cabinet to hold smaller items that are too big for the drawer.

These hooks help hold my paper towels under the cabinet.  My counter space is slim!

The Office

There are several cup hooks on my office inspiration board.  I use one to hold my calendar.

The magazine rack {or my inbox} is held up with picture hangers.  The hooks made it tilt out too far.

I do have a basket intended for a pegboard hanging from some other hooks.

There are even cup hooks on the edge of my desk to help corral my phone charging cable & printer cable.

Signs & Such

I’ve got a sign to let me know when my husband’s hunting hanging on the side of my china cabinet.  A command hook would work & they have their place.  I just don’t like to see white plastic in some places!

This is a mounting board I made for my husband.  I used cup hooks to hold an arrow he shot into the center of another arrow – which was pretty awesome!  It’s really long, so this is just a close up of the center where the arrows meet.

The Craft Room

Cup hooks are really useful in my craft room.  I have some on the front of a framed print to help hold my mini ribbon spools.  I really like this print!  There’s a little girl playing pool on a chair on the left side which is hard to see in the photo.

One of the doors to my craft room has dry erase boards hanging on it.  This is hanging on a low shelf by the door so the markers for it are handy.

I used double hooks to hold up this printer tray holding figures from my childhood.  The tray moved too much with just one hook.

Well that covers everything but the bathroom & bedrooms!  There are some in those rooms too, I just didn’t think about it when I was taking pictures!

New Ideas in Applique

The Craft Room Dilemma

There was a small ironing board frame hanging between my two peg boards.  I had my scissors & such hanging on it with peg board hooks.  It was cute, but a little aggravating since the hooks didn’t always stay put when grabbing my scissors.  Well, the other day it fell off the wall!

One of the screws holding it up stripped through the dry wall!

Side story ~>  There are fat lighter tongue & groove boards under just about every piece of drywall in my house.  Especially the exterior walls!  For some reason, there is a space in my craft room wall that does not have this.  It’s not wide enough for a door or window, so I have no idea why it’s there.  I’ll find out eventually when we rip off all the dry wall.

Anyway, back to my dilemma!  Guess where that “gap” is?  Yep.  It’s right where that screw ripped out!  I thought is was secure & it’s been hanging there for over a year.  Must have bumped it too much when grabbing my scissors & such!

I had to come up with another solution that didn’t involve hanging this back up.  Running something between the peg boards seemed like the best solution.  First I marked & drilled some holes in the sides.

Then I took four cup hooks and bent them at a 90 degree angle using two pairs of pliers.

I screwed these into the holes I drilled.  Then I cut down two dowel rods slightly shorter than the gap & put them into the cup hooks.  I also bent the hook ends over the dowel to keep it from slipping out when I grab things.

There were a couple of things that really needed a basket, so I put two rubber coated eye hooks in between the rods.  I hung a cheap plastic silverware basket on these hooks.

One it was complete, I hung up all my rulers, scissors, & such with S-hooks.  This is much better!

The basket is holding tracing papers, extra needles, & pins.  I wanted to put my small rulers with no holes in it, but they were too heavy for the basket.  All in all I like this set up much better!  I will find another use for the ironing board frame.  ; )

Make sure to come back Friday for my monthly roundup & some exciting news about upcoming blog events!  Hope y’all are having a wonderful Wednesday!

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