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This weekend I worked on catching up on my WIPs.  I’ve done posts on organizing my fabric, but I thought I’d share how I organize my WIPs {Works in Progress}.  Organizing WIPs is something I’m still working out.  These are organized to a certain extent because I tend to take on more projects than I probably should!  If only there were more hours in a day….I’d probably still have too many projects!

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WIP Corner

My work table is still a mess because I’m still catching up on cutting.  I like to spend a day {or 2 or 3!} cutting out things.  Then I can just sew, sew, sew!  I find this makes things run much smoother or as smooth as possible.  My seam ripper knows how “not smooth” things can go!

The place where most of my WIPs reside is what I like to call WIP corner.  It’s right down from the fabric mine shelf!  I’ll take you on a tour one area at a time & hopefully your brain won’t be spinning too much when it’s over.  : )

The Chifforobe

Some people call this an armoire, but it’s always been called a chifforobe in my family.  The definition of “chifforobe” says it has drawers & hanging space.  While this doesn’t have drawers, it does have a shelf, so close enough!  This was a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law & I love it!

I have added hanging shelves to maximize my storage space.  This is a great option if you have hanging space!  They come in different sizes & some have pockets on the side or drawers.

The left side holds WIPs I’m not currently working on.  There are things like quilt tops {flimsy}, smaller projects, & tester blocks.  Sometimes I put fabric I want to save for a project in here, so I don’t accidentally use it for something else!

In the middle are some clothes projects & smaller quilt tops.  I found these pants hangers in a thrift store for $1 each & they are great for hanging projects as well.  The “wonder hangers” are great for hanging my shop items.  The link is to metal ones they have now.  The plastic ones tend to stretch out over time, so those will be a nice upgrade!

One the far right is where I store mostly crochet WIPs.  There are a few quilt blocks on the bottom shelf.

The bottom is where I store my other sewing machines & some shadow boxes.  You can see them better once I take off the quilt & afghan that needs repairing.  I store puzzles I’ve glued together under the chifforobe & my dog decided yesterday she needed try to dig them out!  Ug!

The top shelf holds extra project bags & the quilting tables for my sewing machines.

That’s one side of the WIP corner covered!

More WIP Storage

This is the other side of my WIP corner.  You can see if you look to the right, I have just enough space between the shelf & the chifforobe to open the door.

The shelf with bins holds some of my yarn stash & my QAL bins are on top.  These shoe boxes are great for storing QAL’s in progress.  I found them at Walmart for about $0.98 each.  Each box is labeled so I remember what’s in them!

Let’s take a peak inside the boxes!  This one is almost all caught up, so it’s just blocks & extra fabric.  {Quilting Life BOM}

There are two levels to this one.  On top is extra fabric & templates.  On bottom are cut blocks with tape labels.  {The Splendid Sampler}

I use a variety of things to keep cut pieces separate.  Pins are okay for small stacks, but clips work better for larger stacks.  I use everything from wonder clips to hair clips & large bobby pins to keep things together! {Down the Rabbit Hole, Sarah Fielke}

I also like to keep the labeled pattern piece with my cut pieces.  This is in case I missed a piece or mess something up!

The hanging rack above these boxes holds clothing projects in progress.  Some have labels to remind me what I need to do!

That’s it for the WIP corner!

The Not-So-Organized WIPs

Okay, I do have a hanger on the hanging rack that’s supposed to hold bags for my crochet WIPs.  There is one hanging there currently, but the others are a little scattered!  I label the bags with little tags, again to help me remember what’s in there.  ; )  There’s a bag hiding under my ironing board, one in my bedroom, & one in a bin by my purse for on-the-go crochet.

Crochet projects tend to be bulkier & I think that’s why I’m having a harder time corralling them.  It couldn’t possibly be because I have too many going at once!  Heehee!

I have a large fabric laundry basket on the other side of my table with another crochet WIP covered by some small items that need finishing.   That bag holds finished items!

And it has more than crocheted items too!

That’s really not a good way to store things I’ve finished.  Something to think on!  I also need a way to keep up with all my WIPs – like a master list.  I’ve tried several different things, but nothing is sticking yet.  I’ll just sit in my thinking chair for a while & ponder it….

Oh look!  Another WIP!  Heehee!  Happy Monday y’all!!


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