Pamper Yourself with a Mini Spa Day

Y’all this week has been long & tiring!  Add all the stinky summer heat & humidity & I feel like a wrung out washcloth!  After going through all my beauty supplies for my DIY beauty station, I realized it’s been a really long time since I’ve pampered myself.  I’m not one to go to a day spa or even to get a mani/pedi – I prefer to do those things at home.  Today I’ll show you how I pamper myself with a mini spa day at home, which is something I think we all need once in a while.  : )

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My husband & I used to have a spa night about twice a month.  We would sit on the edge of the tub & soak our feet while wearing a mask.  It was a fun way to spend time together while relaxing after a tough week.  He’s a big, burly man, so I was surprised that he wanted to do that!  That’s why I love him so much!  ; )

Some of My Faves

I have some favorites that I normally use when I’m feeling like doing a little extra.   St. Ives is my favorite brand when it comes to face scrubs.  It’s also affordable & easy to find in my area.  I recently received the Acure face scrub as a VIP freebie from Grove Collaborative.  Since I had just opened the St. Ives, I’ve yet to try it, but will be soon!

Masks are something I used to do at least once a week.  I really like Freeman clay masks when I feel like I need some deep cleaning.  The Planet Spa mask is my absolute favorite!  Unfortunately, Avon no longer carries these products & I’ve been searching for a replacement.  Any recommendations?  Of course I always wind up with samples from various places that I forget to try!

Once I decided what I was going to use for today’s mini spa, I piled it all in my foot bath, which is just a bin from the dollar store!

I’ve got things to pamper my feet, hands, & face plus, I grabbed a towel to dry things off after my foot bath.  Something I usually forget until the foot bath is over!  Did you notice this is sitting in my craft room?  Well, I can’t think of a better place to soak my feet & have some me time than my thinking chair!

Feet & Hands

Y’all my feet are just terrible looking!  I haven’t trimmed them lately because I knew I didn’t have time to repaint them.  Yikes!  I can’t believe I’m showing you this, but maybe it will make you feel better about your feet.   : )

My finger nails are not much better, but I forgot to take a “before” photo.  These are the things I’m going to use to get my feet & hands more presentable ~>

The Foot Works stuff came from Avon & I don’t know if they have it anymore or not.  My mother used to sell Avon, so I accumulated a little back stock!  Johnson’s{link} is my foot soak of choice since it’s easy to find & affordable, like the St. Ives products.  I pointed out the clay fish foot scrubber at Pier 1 as a possible “stocking stuffer” for my husband to get many years ago.  He’s a good listener!  I’ve also got some Mary Kay Satin Hands which smells like peaches.  Delicious!  I’m debating over purple or blue nail polish under the urban splatter, so I have both ready.  My dog looks like he wants to join in the pampering!

First, I removed my old toenail polish & trimmed my nails.  Then I prepared my foot bath by dumping in one of the Johnson’s foot soak packs & filling the tub with the hottest water I could stand.  A squirt or two of this Mocha Supreme foot soak was added for the chocolatey smell.  Mmmmm…. That’s nice!

After my feet were fully soaked, I dried them off & decided to try out the foot mask.  Interesting….

It was really hard for me to sit & wait for this to dry!  I had a quilt-y YouTube video going, but I still had to break out a puzzle book to keep my hands busy.  I’m not so good at just relaxing!  Once I had everything cleaned off, I slathered on some of the foot lotion.  Isn’t it weird that we have lotion for different body parts, or is that just me?  ; D

I decided on the blue with black & white spatters on my big toe.  Much better!

I don’t really paint my fingernails with anything other than clear or nude.  Since my hands need to stay busy, I have a hard time waiting for anything to dry!  Plus, I’m not a very talented fingernail painter.  I have to really concentrate to do my toes!  Anyway, here’s my hands after using the Satin Hands, buffing, & clear coating.  {That almost sounds like I’m finishing a DIY project!}

This doesn’t look super fabulous, but it’s way better than before!

The Face

I did some of the face things while I was soaking my feet, but I thought it would be easier to separate them for the post.  I decided to try out this Charcoal & Black Sugar mask I picked up at CVS {I think}.  First I cleaned up my face with a cotton ball & this micellar water by Simple.

On the bottom there is a Satin Lips set from Mary Kay, Olay face cream & Roc eye cream, which were used after my face mask.  The face cream is not my favorite, but I find I have to change them ever so often or I have breakouts.  Yes, I have breakouts at almost 40!  I used the Dickinson’s witch hazel between the mask & face creams.  The mask I chose was a bit of a disappointment!  I thought it would be darker!

I always include my neck & décolletage in anything I use for my face.  It tends to have more sensitive skin as well.  The sugar scrub in this mask was too course for me & I don’t think I’ll be buying more!

I almost left out my hair!  Sometimes I use a deep conditioner while I’m in the shower, but this oil is great to add extra shine in between washes.  Plus it smells amazing!

I also used this oil on my neck scar & cuticles.  It works great when I remember to use it!

Well, here I am after all the scrubbing & polishing.  I think everything looks a little brighter & I certainly feel refreshed!

I got done just in time to primp & fluff for my afternoon class.  Having a mini spa day made me feel like doing some extra curling to my hair….

And my toes are looking fabulous now!

I need to make sure to schedule more of these!  Y’all have a great weekend!


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  1. Skye says:

    Ooo Kristie, just the thing to bring out your fabulousness ? I too like a good foot soak, but I have issues that need constant addressing – shocking but true, I am missing half my big toe ? Palmer’s is great, and I also have Avon foot scrub stuff, and the hair oil ? one thing I never do but should is my nails ?

    • Kristie Cook says:

      It was nice to pamper myself a little. Then I sweated it all off picking grapes! Haha! Having half a big toe is definitely something different to deal with!

  2. Guida says:

    Looking good there Kristie. I used to treat myself to a facial once every 3 mths, that was when I was working, single and not a Mum. Now I’m lucky to remember to brush my hair in the morning, whats’ up with that?? No one tells you that time for yourself will be precious, so any spare time, I try to do some craft work. It stops me from going crazy. Take care my dear. xx
    PS sorry its been ages since I have looked at your blog, lots happening at home.

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thanks Guida! It sounds like you need a spa day soon! Crafting is my therapy & I have more time for it now since my son is 18 & soon to be gone to college. I do remember those days & I’m just glad you got to stop by for a visit! 🙂

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