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Happy Friday y’all!  Whose ready for Teadoddles Talks #5?  It’s finally back!  I missed doing an interview in January because there was just too much happening to get it together.  Today’s interview is with a lovely, crafty lady I found when looking for a crocheted pumpkin pattern.  Let’s see who’s talking today!

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Today I’m talking with Cynthia Banessa!  Cynthia is a crafter after my own heart!  She loves to dabble in all sorts of crafts from fiber arts to paper & paint.  I found Cynthia’s wonderful crocheted pumpkin pattern {featured in Homespun magazine Oct 2017!} & made a plethora of pumpkins one fall.  Cynthia has all sorts of fun projects – and recipes – over on her blog.  Let’s find out more about Cynthia!

This interview was conducted over a series of emails.  I sent her a list of questions & she sent me answers & photos.  I will have my questions {Q}, her answers {A}, & my response to her answers {R}.  Anything I’ve added in the answers, like references, looks like this {added}

Cynthia Banessa

Cynthia’s Family & Everyday Life

Q:  Tell us about your large, wonderful family!

A:  With pride I can tell you first that I love my large family. I’m a mother of 6 grown kids, 4 girls (a set of twins) and 2 boys. My oldest son will be 44 next month and my youngest son just turn 34 years old. Also, I’m a grandmother of four young men. My eldest grandson is 24 and my youngest is 13.

R:  Wow!  I’m sure life was very interesting with 6 kids in the house.  I only had a brother & we didn’t always get along.  I think it would have been nice to have a sister too.  ; )

Q:  How do you balance family life & blogging life?

A:  Well, my life these days is free to do what I want, when I want (no restraints). Since all my kids are grown. I’m on my own. Back in the day I was the cook, nurse, taxi, teacher, etc. those days are long gone.

R:  Sounds fabulous!  My son is off to college, but I still have a commitment to my teaching job.  One day I hope to have as much free time as you!  : )

Craft Love

Q:  What inspires you to create?

A: To create is just part of my nature. I get a thrill in creating and I love to seeing the handiwork of others. I’ve been a crafter for over 20 years. I love to sew, knit, draw, woodwork, paint, embroider, cross stitch, crochet, upholstery, name it I love it

R:  I certainly know this feeling!  Creating something new & seeing others creations is thrilling for me as well!

Q:  Do you have a craft you prefer over the others?

A:  I guess I can say I prefer crochet over the others, but drawing and painting is really close behind.

R:  I’d have a hard time picking too!  Usually it just depends on what mood I’m in.

Q:  Do you try your designs out on paper first or do you make something then sort of reverse engineer it?

A:  If I’m not using someone else’s pattern. I design on paper first.

R:  I try to start with a sketch first as well.  This has proven harder for me when it comes to crochet because I get excited about what I’m making & forget to write down the steps!

Q:  Favorite color?

A:  When there are so many colors to choose from, I think that the question should be “What are your favorite colors?”.  My favorite colors are green, blue and pink in every hue.

R:  I love this answer!  I tend to like groups of colors as well, so maybe I should change the question.  : D

Crafting History

Q:  Who taught you crochet, sew, etc.?

A:  During the time our family was station in Germany (30 years ago). I meet this wonderful Hispanic lady that crocheted, and I ask her to show me how to crochet and she taught me patiently the basics of crocheting and from there I was hooked. I build on that basic knowledge going to the library and checking out crochet books. I taught myself to knit, paint and draw. My husband taught me woodworking. He keeps me supplied with tools, hammer, screw drivers, saws, etc. I think I have as many tools as he does. Back in the day before the internet, books were my go to in learning anything that I wanted to learn. Now days books are still my go to, besides the internet.

R:  That sounds like a wonderful way to learn crochet!  My memaw taught me some basic stitches but I learned the rest on my own.  Sounds like we learn in a similar way as well!  I read everything in sight & that’s how I learn most new things – from books.  My dad would be the one with all the cool woodworking tools, but he lets me use them as long as he can help too!

Q:  Do you listen to or watch anything while sewing? If so, what?

A:  When I really need to focus on what I’m doing, I don’t listen to or watch anything. During the time that I don’t need to concentrate as hard. I catch up on shows I have recorded, listen to an audio book or watch news, while crafting.

R:  This is something I’m learning to do.  Keeping it quiet when I really need to concentrate.  Although, I find music does tend to help me get in a rhythm!

Q:  How about sewing snacks?

A:  Sometimes I snack and when I do, I snack on walnuts and fruits.

R:  Good snacks!  Sometimes I reach for healthy things too, but not always.  : )

More About Cynthia

Q:  I see that you enjoy gardening, so what does your garden grow?

A:  I love to garden, we have one raised garden and I can’t grow much because it’s about an 8×10 box. The vegetables we put in our little garden are jalapeno peppers, green peppers, tomatoes and mustard greens and for the last 2 years I’ve planted white potatoes in my flower garden. This year I bought a tall plastic container to grow potatoes, looking forward this fall on how many potatoes I’ll get from this method.

R:  I enjoy gardening as well.  My flower gardens around my house have become a combination of vegetables & flowers.  I had a larger garden – 36′ x 90′ – but it has become overgrown from neglect.  I just don’t have the time for that size garden at the moment.  I’d love to know how many potatoes you yield as well.  Something I’d like to try one day!

Q:  Any other hobbies?

A:  As I’ve mention before, there isn’t a craft that I haven’t tried. At this moment I’ve been doing a lot of drawing and watercolor painting

R:  I’ve dabbled in quite a few different crafts myself.  Right now, knitting is what I’m trying to conquer!

Q:  Where all have you traveled?

A:  I’ve been to El Paso, Arkansas, Tennessee, Germany, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Belgium, Germany, Bahamas, California, South/North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Mexico, Kentucky. Some of the places I’ve listed is because we were a military family. My husband will be retiring soon and hopefully I can add to this list.

R:  You’ve been to my state – Georgia!  It must have been really interesting living in different places throughout the years.  I’m too much of a homebody to travel much, but maybe one day I’ll see more of the world.

Q:  I see Keurig tips on your website, so I’m assuming you’re a coffee drinker! What’s your perfect cup taste like?

A:  I drink at least one cup of coffee every morning, sometimes I use the Keurig and sometimes I use a percolator. My perfect cup of coffee is a mild blend with a teaspoon of sugar and cream.

R:  I’ve never used a percolator before, but I do enjoy my Keurig.  I tend to put more cream than sugar in my cup & prefer a stronger brew.

Q:  Future Plans?

A:  My future plan is to find a home with at least 2 acres of land (need more space to garden).

R:  That sounds wonderful!

In Conclusion

I really enjoyed learning more about Cynthia & I hope y’all did too!  Here’s where you can find Cynthia & connect:

Cynthia Banessa ~> Blog | FacebookGoogle + | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter

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  1. John Hudson says:

    This woman’s craft room and hobbies makes me think you and her are related by souls. I know your not because I’m your father,but I believe you and Cynthia could be great friends.

    • Kristie Cook says:

      I enjoyed it as well Cynthia! It’s always interesting to learn about other crafters & peak into their creative space! Yours is wonderful, by the way! 😊

  2. Skye says:

    I really enjoyed this interview and learning about Cynthia (who now has a new Insta follower 😁). I’m in awe of her crafts, and has peaked my interest to see if I have that homespun issue 😊 I also love her storage photos, all those baskets 😃 but also that little pop of colour everywhere 😊

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