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Happy Friday y’all!  Whose ready for Teadoddles Talks #4?  This is an extra special interview for me & I know y’all are going to love this one!  Know a crafty person that would like to do an interview?  Let me know in the comments or email me with the link in the side bar.  Let’s see who’s talking today…

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Today I’m talking with Monique of Farm House Quilts – my Sew Along co-host!  I met Monique through her blog & we quickly discovered our shared love of gnomes & mushrooms.  We have become fast friends & I hope to one day meet her in person.

Monique & her husband.

This interview was conducted over a series of emails.  I sent her a list of questions & she sent me answers & photos.  I will have my questions {Q}, her answers {A}, & my response to her answers {R}.  Anything I’ve added in the answers, like references, looks like this {added}

All About Farm House Quilts

Q:  How did you pick the name “Farm House Quilts”?

A:  I have always loved old farmhouses. To me they represent family, togetherness, and hard work. And quilts just go with farmhouses.

R:  I concur!  Farmhouses do evoke those feelings & they should all have cozy quilts to snuggle under.  : )

Q:  How are your quilt goals going for this year?

A:  Hahahahahaha. Don’t be silly! I don’t set goals…I work on whatever captures my attention at a given moment (unless there is a hard and fast deadline and then I will get that project done)

R:  Haha!  I try to set goals & other things are always calling my attention away from them as well.  Deadlines are a must for me or I might not get it done!

Q:  Exactly how many quilt books do you have?

A:  Do you really want me to go and count them??

R:  Hee, hee!  I guess that really answers my question – plenty!  : D

Q:  Your blog was part of Jacquelynne Steves BOM this year. How did that come about?

A:  I was working as JS’s assistant and she asked if I wanted to be part of the BOM…I of course jumped at the chance…a great honor to be asked. ( I also participated in last year’s BOM)

R:  How fun!  I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s version of the blocks.  Maybe one day I’ll get to make them myself!

Monique’s Family & Everyday Life

Q:  Tell us about your family…

A:  I have been married to my hubby for 29 years…we have 4 children, ranging in age from 24-10.

R:  Such a lovely family – I’m sure they keep you busy!

Monique’s family

Q:  Any pets? Please tell us more!

A:  We have a bit of a petting zoo at our house…2 dogs, 2 lop-eared bunnies, a gecko, and some fish.

R:   I can imagine with 4 kids everyone wants a different pet.  My son was always trying to bring in more pets, but he gets that from me. ; )

Fabric Love

Q:  What is your favorite fabric designer?

A: Oh boy, that is a tough one…I love Fig Tree, but also love Anni Downs….and there are so many others!

R:  Fig Tree is a lovely one – I have some quilt blocks that need stitching up in some of their fabric.  Anni Downs has some great prints for fussy cutting.  Sometimes there are too many to choose from, but it’s great to have a choice!

Q:  Favorite Color? I know it’s not orange!

A:  ☺Teeheee, no, not orange, but I have a newfound respect for that color. I love lots of colors, but would probably have to pick RED.

R:  I think one of our first conversations was about the color orange!  I can definitely see your love for red in your quilts.  : )

Sewing History

Q:  Who taught you to sew or how did you learn?

A:  Let’s get this straight..I do not “sew” ….& cannot follow a pattern to save my life and therefore have great respect for those that can. I became interested in quilting after we moved to Montana and we would visit the old pioneer villages where they would have quilts on display on the beds. Then I found out that my friend was a quilter and she started me on my very first project ( a potholder). After that I took a quilting class and I was hooked!

R:  I’m going to have to disagree with that!  Quilting is still sewing & they usually involve a pattern.  It may surprise you to know that some people who sew clothing find quilting intimidating.  Especially applique!  ; )

Q:  Are you a member of any quilt guilds?

A:  No

R:  We need to make our own quilt guild!  : D

Q:  What do you like to sew?

A:  I like to sew quick quilts projects because there is actually a chance I’ll finish them before I lose interest.

R:  Quick quilts are always so fun & satisfying!

Q:  What kind of machine do you have?

A:  I currently use a Bernina, but my back-up machines are Husqvarna’s ( I don’t ever want to be without a machine!)

R:  Spoken like a true sewist!  I think that’s why I have more than I really need or use – just in case!

Q:  How long have you been sewing?

A:  I started quilting when our 3rd child was 1…he is about to turn 18!

R:  Sounds like you’ve sent lots of thread through the machine!

Q:  Do you listen to or watch anything while sewing? If so, what?

A:  I like to listen to the radio.

R:  I saw your video on Facebook & could hear the Christmas carols playing.  : )

Q:  How about sewing snacks?

A:  Nope, I don’t like to eat while I’m quilting.

R:  I should probably not do this while sewing either, but I do try to keep it far away from the fabric.  ; )

Q:  How many quilts have you made?

A:  Many, many, many.

R:  This would be my answer too!  I found some pictures the other day of quilts I forgot I made.

More About Monique

Q:  Any other hobbies?

A:  I love to garden, bake, and make cards.

R:  I enjoy these things as well.  No wonder we get along so well!  : D

Q:  Where all have you traveled?

A:  I have lived in the Netherlands, Canada, Montana, and now Pennsylvania. I have been to England, France, Italy, Germany, as well as California, Idaho, Wyoming, and Massachusetts.

R:  Wow!  You’ve been all over the country as well as the world!

Q:  How many languages do you speak? I’ve seen you write in French, English, & what I think is Dutch, but I’m not completely certain about that!

A:   I was born in the Netherlands so still have a pretty good command of Dutch. I used to teach French so can sort of get around with that. And German is pretty similar to Dutch ( and we learned that in school), so I can get a few words of that in if I must.

R:  I took French in high school, but remember very little of it.  Not many French-speaking people in my area!  Haha!

Q:  I know you enjoy a cup of tea over a cup of coffee. Any particular kind you prefer?

A:  I adore Lady Grey and Constant Comment teas.

R:  Although I’m a committed coffee drinker, I do enjoy a cup of tea on occasion.  Most of the tea here is sweet & cold!

Q:  Future Plans?

A:  Well, we are going to be a little busy in the next six months, getting our house ready for selling and then moving to a new town, but quilting wise I would like to continue to grow my blog and maybe publish some patterns.

R:  Sounds like there are lots of new things on the horizon for you!  It’s been fun to work with you on our sew along & watch our Facebook groups grow.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

In Conclusion

I really enjoyed learning even more about Monique & I hope y’all did too!  Here’s where you can find Monique & connect:

Farm House Quilts ~> BlogFacebook | Pinterest | Instagram

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