The Start of a Mini Garden Makeover


Way back when I started this blog I mentioned that I garden.  I also showed a picture (from a distance!) of my overgrown, weed infested, garden.  There were several different things that led to this, but this year I’m determined to get it & my side gardens back under control!  I started with one of the side gardens beside my house.  This is just a short post about what I did & what else I plan to do.  It’s storming here today, so I haven’t finished my mini garden makeover – yet! : )

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Mini Garden Makeover

My entire yard has fallen into the hands of weeds!  I’m slowly trying to remedy that by starting with the flower beds beside my house.  This one is on the West side of my house & gets plenty of sun.  The rosemary bush & oregano have managed to survive & flourish despite the neglect!

You can’t even see where the bed starts & the grass begins!  Plus that pot tower is just sad!  The first thing I did is clean out the weeds & layout some fresh mulch.

Looking better already!  The oregano has spread & there are two patches now.  There is a broken pot I arranged to look like it was half buried.  It had aloe in it & one has come back this year – hard to see in this pick.  I took apart the pot tower & gave it a good scrubbing!

I added an old pallet in the background & river pebbles to the broken pot.  Can you see the aloe now?

The pot tower got some new paint & I restacked it.  I added a little clay saucer to become a bee bath.

Here’s a close up of the pot tower.  I haven’t planted anything in it yet!  I may plant some seeds instead of plants.

The plants around the corner are cucumbers, tomatoes, & thyme.  I put them back there to protect them from the storm today.  The thyme will have to go in a different place because it needs part shade.  I plan on growing the cucumbers up the old pallet.

I’ve got some peppers waiting on the other side!  I may have some in this bed & some in the one by my back door.  My mom has another aloe plant for me to transplant, so I need to see where it will go first.

Seed Plans

It will take some time to get my larger garden back in order, so I’m going to plant veggies & flowers in my side beds.  Maybe some carrots…

And some more herbs….

Of course there will be some flowers!

I can’t wait until the rain is gone & I can plant the things in the dirt!  Of course I have to go out in the early mornings & late evenings because it’s getting very hot here in South GA!

I’m adding a new tab for gardening at the top and that’s where all things gardening & outdoors will be found.  Do y’all like to garden?  What do you like to grow?

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