What a Mother Really Wants


It’s the Friday before Mother’s Day, do y’all have a gift yet?  There’s always the typical – flowers, dinner, chocolate, spa days, etc.  This post is not about material things for your mother.  It’s about those things that cannot be bought & hold way more meaning with most mothers.  I’ll try to keep it light, but y’all may need a tissue to read this.  I know I needed some tissues to write it.  ? Fair warning!  Also, when I say “we” I’m talking about “moms”, of course!

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what a mother really wants

All the pictures below are of my son throughout the years.  He never reads my blog so he’ll never know!  Hee, hee!


We are always running around trying to get ready for an event or just trying to get all the “things” done.  Most mom’s I know have many lists, calendars, & events to attend to throughout their child’s life.  There just never seems to be enough time!  We rush our kids from one event to the next just trying to get through the day.  Eventually we land in an exhausted heap at the end of the day knowing it will all start again tomorrow.

We want more time to get things done, to get organized, to take a pee in private (it comes eventually!).  But the thing we want most from time is for it to slow down.  One minute I’m sniffing my son’s baby hair & the next he’s growing a beard!

What the heck happened?!?

So, this Mother’s Day, I’m asking you “Father” Time – can we slow things down just a bit?  I need to hold on to my baby a little longer, mmmkay?  Thanks!

To Be Heard

Here’s some things you may find coming out of your mouth as a mother:

“Did you hear what I said?”

“What did I just say?!?”

“How many times do I have to tell you?!?!?”

Any of this sound familiar?  Yeah, it seems our children are never listening to us.  We wonder if they retain any information because we have to repeat it over and over and over again.  Really, how hard is it to understand that brushing your teeth is something you must do everyday?  Apparently, at certain ages, it needs to be questioned on a regular basis!

Besides all the instructions for basic life living skills we try to impart to our children, we also try to instill values & self worth.  These are the things that really keep us up at night wondering – did they hear me?  Do they know I love them more with every passing moment?  Or that I think they’re more valuable than anything?  Do they know it’s not socially acceptable to call people “turd breath”?  Okay, I threw that in to lighten the mood, but really, do they know?

Most of these things are learned through seeing what the adults do versus what the adults say.  What I can say, to those of you that are new to this mother thing, is that it comes in little glimpses.  You’ll see your child do something that makes you pause and think – they did hear me!  Just keep repeating – it will all sink in – eventually!


Okay, I don’t know many people who don’t want happiness.  It’s a different thing for everyone.  There is a saying in these parts – “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

When I’m talking about mother’s, however, our happiness comes from seeing our children happy.  Did you know that children?

When our children are small, a little smile & giggle from them makes our hearts dance with joy!  During those strange teenage years, when a smile is rare, we wonder if they’ll ever be happy again.  As they become adults & move away {I can imagine}, we wait for a visit or phone call, hoping to hear they are indeed, happy.

This is one of those things that mothers cannot control.  Sure, we can provide temporary happiness to our toddler with ice cream.  Only to have them throw a fit because it’s too cold {or some other weird thing only kids find offensive}.

Really, we look for little clues & signs that they are happy.  Their pain is our pain as much as their joy is our joy.  All we can do is hope for their happiness & wait to see the signs!

To Wrap it Up…

All though I could go on, I think those three things say a lot about what a mother really wants.  Yes, we like the homemade macaroni necklaces & finger print cards.  Maybe some chocolate & a day to rest would be good too.  But in the end we really just want to see our children happy, watch them grow {slowly}, & hope that they remember their manners in public.

Do you hear that children?  Give your mother the best Mother’s Day by letting her know you are happy, you hear what she’s saying, & maybe slow down the time you spend with her & not try to rush it.  That’s my two cents worth, anyway!  ?

Here’s my son from baby to {mostly} grown.  He had his senior art exhibit last night & sold one of his drawings.  I couldn’t be happier for him, especially since it made him so happy!

Y’all have a wonderful weekend & don’t forget to call your Mamma!


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  1. John says:

    This post is from my daughter and I’m not her mother but her father and it’s nice to know as a father that my daughter is happy and she makes my wife happy

  2. Mamma says:

    Your an awesome daughter! And I love you so much. You have raised a wonderful son. Happy Mother’s day to you?

  3. Guida says:

    Oh wow, I did shed a tear. You are so right, my kids are 25 and 15, both at home. Sometimes I think my son (25) just doesn’t get it and then I find that he not only got it but is turning into his Dad, such a good man. You have a great Mothers Day Kristie, I’m having a quiet few hours today, hubbie took the kids to play tennis, so I have the house to myself for a few hours, yay peace and quiet.

    • Kristie Cook says:

      It really does sneak up on you! Our kids are listening even when we think they aren’t. I hope you enjoy Mother’s Day as well & peace & quiet is always a welcome treat!

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