2017 Year End Roundup + Future Plans


The year is almost over & I can hardly believe it!  It’s time to look back, take stock, & clean out, so I can move forward into the new year.  If I have a word for this coming year, it would be “simplify”.  There are so many projects waiting to be completed in my work space!  My goal is to finish things up this year & not take on so many extra projects.  I want more time to make, so I need to de-clutter my space & my mind.  Since this is a year end roundup, it’s slam full of crafty things, so let’s dive in!

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Blog News

I’d like to welcome all new subscribers – I’m glad to have you here!  In case you didn’t know, there’s a page with free adult coloring printables available only to subscribers.  You should have received a password with your welcome email for this month.  I send out a new password at the first of every month.  The current password is good through December 31st.

I’m looking into making some changes around the blog, like the layout & categories.  I’ve noticed that new blog posts look a little wonky for a few hours & I need to figure out why!  Please excuse any glitches you experience while I work.  ; )

This is a reminder of my typical blog schedule for new readers.  I try to stick to this as much as possible, but life happens!

Weekly Posts:

  • Mondays ~> Sewing, quilting, & crochet posts
  • Wednesdays ~> DIY, gardening, & organizing posts
  • Fridays ~> recipes, health, & life lived posts

Monthly Posts:

  • 2nd Monday ~> QAL, SAL, CAL {look for new ones coming this year!}
  • 3rd Monday ~> Craft Room De-stash Challenge from C’mon Get Crafty
  • 3rd Wednesday ~>  Garden update {On pause until Spring!}
  • 1st Friday ~> Teadoddles Talks interviews {Check the Crafty People section below – I’m looking for talkers!}
  • Last Friday ~> Monthly Roundup

Crafty News

The Merry Christmas Sew-Along finished up this month & I’m blown away by all the participants!  We still receive requests to join the Facebook group.  All the links to the patterns are still available & you can find them here.  I still need to stitch up Monique’s last two ornaments, but I can show you the bird & gingerbread man I stitched up.

I so enjoyed working with Monique during this sew along & look forward to working with her again!  : )

Crafty People ~>

I mentioned above that I’m looking for talkers for the Teadoddles Talks interviews.  I’ve got a couple of talkers for 2018 & I’m hoping to fill more!

I’m looking for people that have a blog or small business related to the crafting industry.  If you know someone, or are someone, that likes to make stuff & talk about it, I’d like to interview them/you!  Send me an email all about it by clicking on the email button in the side bar, or below this post if you’re on a phone.  Looking forward to talking to you!  : )

I’d also like to share a little collage of the recent gifts I’ve received from the quilty friends I’ve made this year.  Quilty friends really are the best!

I also participated in a quilted postcard swap put on by my friend Monique from Farm House Quilts.  The unicorn one is what I sent & the fall themed one is what I received.  So cute!

This year I’m looking forward to making new crafty friends.  I even started a Facebook group called Teadoddles Makers, which I hope will be a place for makers of all mediums to connect.  It’s still “under construction” so to speak, but you can go ahead & join if you like.  : )

Crochet ~>

Man, I have crocheted so much the past two months!  Mostly because I need distraction during the long ride to Atlanta where my son is.  Here’s a breakdown of the makes ~>

This little gnome was so fun to make & I have his twin’s parts waiting to be stitched together.  You can find the pattern here.

I also whipped up some snowflakes {patterns here} & a free form lace piece to gift to some crafty friends.

I’m almost done with my cardigan, just finishing the ribbed cuffs.  Pattern from Make & Do Crew.


I had hoped to finish the Moorland afghan before the year ended, but I don’t think that will happen!  She has an awesome new CAL starting in 2018, but I’m being strong & not joining.  Although I may make some of those neat little leaves!  : D

This is a Christmas afghan I made years ago that fell apart after a washing.  That’s because I didn’t connect the squares properly!  I started reconnecting them, but did not finish by Christmas as I’d hoped.

I made two more hats like my husband’s from this post & have two more started.  Just love this hat pattern!

I also made a hat using this pattern for my step daughter, but forgot to take a picture!  This is the yarn I used…

Here is a, mostly finished, unicorn hooded scarf!  I need to make the horn & stitch it together.  Also, I need to say, this Sprightly yarn from Craftsy is so soft & squishy!

I also finished a couple more scarflaces…

I’ve got some projects that need to be finished, so I can clean out my yarn bags & bins.  Look for those finished projects in 2018!


I finished exactly one of my QAL’s I was following this year!  It’s the one from A Quilting Life & since I chose to do the 6″ blocks, it’s a small quilt.

It needs to be quilted still, but at least the top’s finished!

I have made some progress on the Stars in the Night quilt from 2016.  The original quilt pattern is huge, so I decided to use what I had to cobble together a “version” of the quilt.  The fabric is too beautiful to scrap it all!

I’ve decided this year I will not join every QAL, SAL, & CAL I come across – no matter how tempting!  I want to focus more on my pattern designs, using up scraps, & learning FMQ.  This mini mushroom quilt is a perfect example of what I want to do more of.  I just need to finish the feather!

As far as QAL’s go, I am collecting Tula Pink fabrics for the 100 Days 100 Blocks challenge starting March 30th 2018.  This is what I have so far…

These fabrics are so fun to look at!  I’m also joining my friend Anna of Sew Good Sew Far for a #logcabinQAL2018 on Instagram.  This will fit the bill of using up scraps!  ; )

I purchased these two patterns from Four Peaches Fabric.  The Gnome one has a pattern on the back with Christmas trees instead of mushrooms & this will be next Christmas quilt!

I also have a fun project coming up that is a special order.  These two bins are filled with a baby girls first year of outfits & I get to turn it into a cuddly quilt!  : D

In between all the other sewing & such, I managed to finish 5 quilts this year!  Yay me!  You can check out this post for the Merry Moosemas quilt & this one for the Making a Splash quilt.  The one on the end is my design & I’m still working on getting it published.

I wound up making two versions of the Zelda Tri-Force quilt I started for my son.  One was a throw & special order for Christmas.  It’s backed in fleece.  The large one with the black background was for my son & it’s backed in jersey knit.  It finished at 53 x 80 & was a beast to quilt on my little machine!

If you need some more patterns to collect {ha!}, check out my Sewing ~ Quilts & Crafts ~ QAL’s & CAL’s Pinterest boards.

Coming up in 2018…

I had so many more things I wanted to share, but this post is getting out of control {and very late!}  Let’s take a look at some upcoming DIY projects for 2018.

My $10 hutch desk is set up, but it will still get a makeover…

This old dresser was left behind when my son went to college.  I plan on taking out the drawers to use for wall shelves & turning the frame into another shelf.

My drafting table has served me well, but it’s due for a makeover!  I also want to add some “features” to make it more user friendly.

The craft space has had a few changes & it’s still not exactly right.  I continue to reorganize here & in my son’s old room.

This new shelf is a mess already, but there is one empty bin!

I also need to reorganize my quilt fabrics.  Having large pieces & smaller pieces together just is not working!

Okay y’all, I think that’s enough for this year end roundup!  I’ll be posting any finishes I manage before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve in my new Facebook group & on Instagram.

P. S. Don’t miss out on Craftsy’s year end clearance!  Get stocked up for 2018 makes!




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  1. Skye B says:

    I had so much fun reading this Kristie, I didn’t want it to end 😂😂😂 so many awesome makes, and an empty box!!! 😁 I’m definitely on a finishing and planning spree too, reorganising projects, culling my pdfs, and sorting storage. My word for the year is focus, and last year was doing…so a good development I think 😁 here’s to a great year of awesome makes and fun times 😃😁😊

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Well I’m glad you enjoyed it! I definitely could have gone on, but only so much time. This will be a finishing year for me as well & I hope to clean up & out enough to have many more empty boxes! 🙂

  2. Skye B says:

    oh and almost forgot….cant wait to see what you do with the baby clothes…i have 2 projects planned with clothes that will eventually get a proper idea forming 😁

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