My Christmas Wish for Y’all…


Today’s post will be another short one as I’m heading to pick up my son from college soon.  I wanted to send you all a Christmas wish for the season since this will be my last post until next Friday.  I’m also including a little story about my families Christmases growing up.  Hope y’all enjoy!

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A Christmas Story

Christmas has always been a magical time of the year to me.  Everything has a glow & people tend to be more giving.  My house was always filled with love & family as a child.  It was a time of joy!

As I said before, we made a big production out of picking out & decorating the tree.  It was always fun to pick up boxes under the tree & try to guess what was inside.  Once I had a rectangular gift that was very heavy under the tree.  I tried so hard to guess what it was!  We were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve & I chose that one.  It was a gift certificate taped to a brick!  : D

Sometimes there were extra people that shared Christmas morning with us.  My parents liked to help out family members that were having hard times.  I never felt like it took away from our Christmas, just that it made it more exciting to have extra people there.

My brother and I didn’t always wake up as early as my Dad wanted us to on Christmas morning.  He would shout “Ho, ho, ho!  Merry Christmas!” from the other room, which was our signal that it was time to wake up!  My parents said I never seemed to get as excited about my presents as they expected.  I just wasn’t as expressive then!

Once I had my own child, I understood the excitement of preparing for Christmas morning.  It’s exciting to have gifts waiting to be opened that you know are greatly anticipated!  For me, it was more fun playing Santa Claus than getting any gifts.  : )

A Christmas Wish

My wish for y’all is that your Christmas is filled with all that is joyful & light.  Even if the presents aren’t perfectly wrapped or the dog has chewed an ornament, there will be love in the day if you let it in.

Try to look for the perfection in imperfection & let your heart be filled with the joy & laughter of a child.  This will help you enjoy the season more!  Make the hot cocoa {with marshmallows}, bake the cookies {with sprinkles}, & sing the Christmas carols {even if it’s off key}.

Keep the spirit of Christmas with you throughout the year, so you can spread it to others.  The infection of happiness is well worth sharing.  : )

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year!  I will be back next Friday with my year end round up post.  See y’all then!  : D


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  1. Bernie says:

    What a cute post Kristie. I hope your Christmas was lovely!! Happy New Year. How long do you have your son home for break? I love having that time with them between semesters. Enjoy it!

    • Kristie Cook says:

      Thank you Bernie! My Christmas was wonderful, but a little hectic. My son had to go back the day after Christmas since he has a job & needed to be at work Wednesday. Happy New Year to you too!

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