A DIYer’s Christmas Wish List


As a DIYer, I’ve made many, many gifts for people over the years – it’s my favorite thing to do!  I like to take the time to really think about the gift receiver & think about what might make them smile.  Seeing someone’s face light up when they open a gift is the best feeling in the world!  Knowing that I made it especially for them as well is just icing on the cake.  : )  Maybe you have a DIYer in your life & wonder what kind of gift would make them smile.  Well today I’m going to share with you a DIYer’s Christmas wish list, which may contain things on my wish list – hee hee!  Hopefully it will help you find the perfect gift to give.  Who knows, it may be used to make a gift for you one day!  ; )

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I thought I’d break these down into different kinds of DIYers.  For me, any kind of crafting is DIY, including sewing!  Friday, I will do a post just for the fiber arts – sewing, crocheting, quilting, etc.  Today I’m covering jewelry making, paper crafting, painting, & miscellaneous.  I’ll give you a group of things for each category, ranging from smaller budgets to larger budgets.

Jewelry Making

When I find a new craft to learn, I tend to accumulate all the tools & supplies needed to do that craft.  Jewelry making was one of those things I became fascinated with at one point, so I have tons of beads, findings, & tools related to the craft.

  • Jewelry Pliers set – $8 to $32+ ~> Jewelry pliers are smaller than regular pliers & come with different ends for different purposes.  I started with a basic set & eventually added to them as I had the need.  Blick art materials has some good deals on pliers sets & Amazon has a great beginning jewelry maker supply kit shown below.

  • Beads & Findings – less than $1 to $100+ ~> Beads & findings are essential to jewelry making.  Everyone that makes jewelry has a different style, so think about that when purchasing these items.  You can find everything from de-stash bead assortments to lava rock beads to  handmade lampwork beads on Etsy.

Beads from my stash

  • Jewelry Making Book or Class – $8 to $25 ~>  I enjoy learning all I can about a new craft & a book or a class would be a great gift.  I find that I learn things even from beginner books because there are so many ways to accomplish one thing.  Leisure arts has a great selection of books – both paperback & digital.  Craftsy is the place to look for classes & today they have a BOGO sale on classes!


Paper Crafting

I have quite the collection of scrapbook paper & accessories.  Mostly, I use them for making cards & gift tags.  I have made some scrapbooks for family members, but none for myself – yet!

  • Scrapbook Kit – $5 to $40 ~> I don’t know many paper crafters that would turn down a scrapbook kit!  You can find them with a scrapbook & supplies or just stickers, paper, & such.  Just look for one that has a theme the person might like.  Also, be sure it’s for physical items & not digital scrap-booking.   That might be okay for some scrapbookers, but most DIYers want to actually make with their hands!  Check out these at Michael’s & Etsy for ideas.

My Cricut Expression

  • Art Journal – $5 to $40+ ~> I’m just getting into art journaling, but I love it!  It’s a way to keep up with all the ephemera of life & take notes in an artistic way.  Art journals are made of paper that can be painted, drawn, & glued on.  Etsy is a great place to find these because they are usually handmade, which is a plus!  You can also find packs of ephemera to use.


  • Cricut Maker – $399.99 {bundle for $459.99}~> This is number one on my list for paper crafting for many reasons!  I have an older Cricut & it’s great because I can use it for paper crafting & fabric crafts.  The new Cricut Maker has different blades for cutting through everything from paper & fabric to balsa wood & leather.  Think of all the things you could make with this!  You’ll see this on my fiber arts list too – it has a tiny rotary cutter for fabric.  Squee!

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!


Whether you’re painting furniture or painting a canvas, paint is fun to have!  I use paint in many of my projects & it’s one thing that always needs replenishing.

  • Paint – $0.82 to $20+~> I guess this is an obvious gift for a painter!  The only thing to be sure of is the kind of paint the artist uses.  Whether you’re looking for acrylics or watercolors or paint pens, Blick art materials is the place to go.  And yes, they even have chalk paint!

Acrylic paints and pens

  •  Something to paint on – price varies greatly! ~> Anybody that likes to paint needs something to paint on!  Some people like to paint on canvas while some prefer to paint on furniture.  I personally like to paint on all kinds of surfaces – even roots!  It really depends on the DIYer, but I think an old pallet or barn wood, would be an awesome gift.  Of course some people might not like that, so maybe a roll of primed canvas would be better!  ; )
  • Painting classes – $20 to $75+ ~> There’s a website called Paint Nite that hosts events all over the country.  What better gift than a night out doing what someone loves to do?  You can also find painting classes on Craftsy, if you would rather stay in!  ; )


These are just some items a DIYer might enjoy, depending on what they like to do.  : )

  • Wood Carving or Burning kit – $18 to $200 ~>  There’s a wide range of wood burning kits & wood carving kits from beginning to professional.  It really just depends on who you’re buying it for!  My dad gave me a basic wood burning kit one Christmas & I made him this for a gift for a following Christmas.  The “H” is for his last name {my maiden name} & if you look close, his first name is in the handle of the axe.  A gift that gives back!  : D

  • Sculpting & Claymaking ~> Playing with clay is just fun to me!  I’ve worked with Sculpey clay, but never ceramics.  It’s been awhile since I’ve made anything with clay & I’m interested in picking it back up.  Etsy has a great selection of clays to try out & maybe a little tool set from Blick art materials would be nice as a stocking stuffer!
  • Make something for the DIYer ~>  Personally I love receiving handmade gifts!  When someone takes the time to make something especially for me, I can feel the extra love.  Even if you are not a regular DIYer, there are all sorts of kits out there to help out.  You never know what you can do if you don’t try!

I hope y’all enjoyed this DIYer’s Christmas wish list & have some good ideas for a DIYer on your list.  Of course, I will never know if it’s really a gift for yourself!  Hee hee!  ; D

Come back Friday for a fiber & fabric lovers Christmas wish list.  See y’all then!

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  1. Skye B says:

    A good list 😃 I’ve wanted to try working with clay again, and mixed media art. One point I want to make with the cricut, make sure you get a good brand like cricut. I bought a slice fabrique (smaller handheld multi material cutter), before finding out the company sold out and there’s no more spare parts available or technical help. So one must research before big purchases.

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