A Fiber & Fabric Lover’s Christmas Wish List



Wednesday I posted a DIYers Christmas wish list & I promised a fiber & fabric lover’s list today.  Fiber & fabric are my favorite crafting mediums, so they had to have their own post!  Y’all will find lots of wonderful things for the  fiber & fabric lover’s on your Christmas list.  Let’s take a look at all the goodies!

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Most crafters & makers love to learn new techniques.  You can find classes for all sorts of crafts at Craftsy & you can find digital & print books for learning {& pattern collecting} on Leisure Arts.

Embroidery, Needlepoint, & Cross stitch

Hand sewing has become my new favorite pastime!  I’ve done little bits of it over the years, but I find I’m really drawn to working with needle & thread here lately.  Here’s a few things I think would be great to gift to any hand sewing enthusiast.

  • Needle Minder – $10.50 to $18.50 ~> These little needle minders from Crafty Wool Felt are so adorable!  The shop owner hand stitches every one.  You can also order it as a necklace!  For those that want to make it themselves, this shop also sells mini hoop necklace & brooch kits.  : D

  • Hand Sewing Kit – $12 to $25+ ~>  You can find all sorts of kits for hand sewing.  This is a perfect gift because it has all the materials needed to complete a project & you can find them at different learning levels.  Oh Sew Beautiful has kits with everything, including the hoop & needles.  The kit even includes fabric with the pattern printed on it!

Crochet & Knitting

I’ve been crocheting since I was 2 years old & have quite the collection of yarn & needles.  This is my favorite thing to do on long car rides or while watching Netflix.  Of course it’s sharing time with my hand sewing now!  ; )  Knitting I’m still struggling with, but one day I will knit a sweater!

A small portion of my yarn stash!

  • Knit or crochet kit – $14 to $24 ~> Knit Picks has a great selection of “learn to knit kits” from level 1 thru 3.  This would be perfect for newbies {like me}.  You can also find kits on Etsy that range from beginner to more advanced, like this cute knit parakeet kit!

Or this cute crochet pug kit!  Who wouldn’t like that??

  • Yarn Bowl – $20 to $60+ ~> These yarn bowls are so neat & would really work for both crochet & knitting.  You can find them made from wood & ceramic in all sorts of patterns, colors, and finishes.  I love the colors in this one from Blue Room Pottery!

  • Giant Yarn – $16.50 to $100+ {depending on weight} ~> Even if you aren’t a crafter, you’ve probably seen this giant yarn people are using for arm knitting & crochet.  They even have giant needles!  I think this would be so fun to have for all sorts of fiber arts, no just knitting. : )

Weaving & Macrame

I’m still learning about weaving & have a project or two under my belt.  I still think it’s funny that macrame has become so popular again.  My mother used to have a macrame planter hanging in her living room!

  • Special yarns – Price varies greatly! ~> Specialty yarns can sometimes be a pain to use when knitting or crocheting – I’m talking to you eyelash yarn!  I found using them in weaving to be a little easier & you don’t always need as much to do a small weaving.  From hand dyed yarns to special fibers, Etsy is the place to go to find the perfect unique fibers like this wonderful rainbow yarn.

  • Weaving loom – $22 to $165 ~> There are looms from small to room size & everything in-between.  It really depends on what someone wants to make with the loom.  This little kit from The Squid Ink Co would be perfect for someone starting out.

  • Driftwood for Macrame – free + ~> There are many people using driftwood to hang macrame & even weavings from.  Maybe you have some cut wood in your yard that would be perfect for a yarn project!


There’s nothing like cutting apart beautiful fabrics & sewing them back into a pieced marvel!  Some fabrics are just for collecting, in case y’all didn’t know.  ; )

  • Sewing Kit – $19.99 ~>  There are many quilters that quilt on the go & a having a sewing kit at the ready is a must!  This one from the Fat Quarter Shop is adorable & it comes with some basic sewing necessities.

  • The 2018 Quilter’s Day Planner – $48.95 ~> This is something that’s definitely on my wish list!  I admired everyone’s pictures on Instagram last year & decided this year I needed one too!  Especially since it features items designed by Alison Glass. : D  This has a quilt block & quilting motif for every month, monthly & weekly planners, graph paper for sketching out designs, plus much more.

  • A fat quarter bundle – $15 to $135+ ~> I don’t know many quilters that would turn down a fat quarter bundle!  The price varies greatly on these bundles, so it could be a small gift or a splurge.  If you know the quilter, maybe ask what needs replenishing in their stash to get some ideas.  ; )  Some of my favorite places to shop for fat quarter bundles are:
    • Four Peaches Fabric – You can find hand curated & designer bundles here!
    • Fat Quarter Shop – The name says it all!
    • Hawthorne Threads – Lots of great designers here, they even have their own brand of fabrics.
    • Etsy – Perfect place to look for out of print or hard to find pieces.  Some shops even let you build your own bundle!


For me, quilting is sewing, but some consider them different categories.  This is for all sewing un-related to quilting, like sewing garments & bags.

    • Cricut Maker – $399.99+ ~>  Of course this is on my fiber & fabric list too!  It has a tiny rotary cutter which allows you to cut fabric without applying a fusible to the back first.  There are even patterns you can download directly to the machine.  : D  This is the ultimate crafting multi-tool!

Cricut Maker Machine

  • Subscription to Seamwork magazine – starts at $7 ~> You can view this magazine online for free, but with a subscription, you can download the patterns from the magazine as well.  They have a basic & premium subscription & monthly or yearly payment options.
  • Custom Sewing tags – $2 to $20+ ~>  These would be great for all handmade items!  You can have tags made to your specifications for a professional finish to your handmade item.  There are fabric, paper, wood, & metal options available.  The perfect finishing touch!

Stocking Stuffers for All!

How about some fun little stocking stuffers for all the crafters out there?  Sometimes I have more fun picking out stocking stuffers than gifts!

  • Mini charm packs!  Tiny bundles of fabric that are perfect for making mini quilts & just collecting.  Fat Quarter Shop even has a monthly club you can join.

  • Stitch markers for crochet or knitting.  These are always useful!
  • Body measuring tape for taking self measurements.  These are usually used by people keeping up with weight loss, but they are great for taking measurements for clothes making.


I hope you found some great ideas for Christmas gifts for your favorite fiber & fabric lover!  Maybe you even found some for your own stocking!  ; )  Have a great weekend y’all!

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  1. Skye B says:

    Very interesting list! I love those bowls, even for just being pretty 😃 I too want to learn macrame – just to make plant hangers 😂 that budgie kit is beautiful! Budgerigars or budgies for short are native to Australia but also bred for pets, we had quite a few growing up 😃 I recently gifted a tiny mini embroidery hoop and they loved it 😊 great idea! And I have also eyed off the quilters planner! I caved in and bought Tilda’s 2018 diary – it’s the circus range! One last thing, for me sewing incorporates everything with a needle or machine, I use the ‘body tape’ all the time – tailors measuring tape, and still have my first hand-me-down one 😁 (it’s just for show though now)

    • Kristie Cook says:

      I had to look up what a “budgie” was because we call them parakeets! My mother had one as a pet when I was a toddler. I checked out the Tilda diary & it’s very pretty! There are measuring tapes of all sorts in my craft room too & they all used regularly. 😁

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