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Man this week has flown by!  I’m still knee deep in getting my fabric “collection” under control, so my work space is a little messy.  Last month I celebrated my one year blogiversary & my last post was the 160th!  That’s crazy!  Today, I thought I’d revisit some of my DIY posts from past blog posts.  I’m sure there’s some new readers out there that may have missed them.  : )  Just click on the picture to go to the original post.

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4th of July Wreath

The first DIY on my list is a perfect project for the upcoming 4th of July holiday!  I used a fabric & metal stars to repurpose an old wreath.

Tea Dying Curtains

This is an easy project to give whiter fabrics a more vintage feel.  You can use this for more than just curtains!

Thrifted Chair Makeover

I found this chair for $3 at a yardsale & gave it a complete makeover.  This post is about painting the chair, which became quite a process!  Check out my Recovering a Chair Seat post for details about the seat.

Movie Memories Picture Frame

I had been saving movie stubs probably since before my son was born & this was a great way to save those memories.  You may be surprised at what I used for the “movie reels”!

Movie memories picture frame makeover

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Metal Feather from Old Flashing

After going to the Country Living Fair last fall, I was inspired by some metal leaves I saw.  Of course, I had to make my own when I got back home!

Metal Feather From Old Flashing

Cookie Jar with Antiqued Mirror Finish

This was a fun little project using some special paints.  It also gave me a place to keep my cookie stash! : )

Cookie Jar with Antiqued Mirror Finish

Refurbished Objects Mason Jar Utensil Caddy

Man, say that 3 times real fast!  Hopefully my titles have improved some!  This a project from my series on easy Christmas projects last year.  I decided to do my own post for this because it was so different from the original.

From Harvest Yellow to Hello – A Footstool Makeover Story

This stool is due for another makeover.  It does not match my new thinking chair & it’s not very soft!  Look for a re-makeover {?} story coming soon.  : )

Foot Stool Makeover

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

Turning an Old Window into a Command Center

This was something I made for my mom last Christmas.  That meant I couldn’t do a blog post on it until after the first of the year!  That was hard to do because I wanted to share it with y’all!

That wraps up some of my favorite DIY posts from the past.  If you want to see all of the DIY posts I’ve done, just check out the DIY tab up at the top.  I’ll see y’all Friday for the Monthly Roundup!



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