Finding Space for a Home Office

A home office is a luxury for many people, especially in today’s climate of down sizing {hello tiny houses!}.  Maybe you need office space for a budding home business, as a place to study, or for general household stuff.  Whatever you need a home office for, I’ve got some ideas to help you find that elusive “space”.  I’ll also show you where I’ve stuffed my office space & no, it’s not “magazine” ready!

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My Home Office

I currently use what would be considered  an entryway or foyer as my office space.  It’s right beside the front door which is not too much of a problem since we use the back door entry not the front door.  Please excuse the state of my walls in these photos!  I got a wild hair and decided to take down all the trim & socket covers one long weekend.  That was 4 years ago y’all and I haven’t moved beyond that point yet! #life

  1. Desk area – This is an overall view of my desk area.  The front door is on the wall to the right & entry to the living room is on the left.
  2. Inspiration board – I made this with a giant picture frame & puzzle I put together.  The “to file” box is made out of a cereal box & added hooks hold headphones & such.
  3. Printer – My printer feeds directly into my husband’s golf clubs!
  4. Gallery wall – This wall is to the left of my desk & leads into my work room.  I’d show the whole wall, but there are some “accidental” holes in it.  Let’s just say – I’m a clumsy lady!  ?
  5. Cluttered desk – There’s barely room for my laptop & it definitely needs a face lift.
  6. Tool box {opposite wall}- What, you don’t have a toolbox with antlers on it in your office?  ?
  7. Storage shelf {opposite wall} – This stores office supplies, school stuff, paper, & such.

As you can see, my office is definitely in need of a face lift!  You can look forward to some office DIY posts in the future.  ?

Picking a Spot

Here’s some things to think about when deciding where you might be able to put a home office:

  • What’s it’s purpose?  This may seem like dumb question because it seems obvious, but – what are you using the office for?  Is it a main hub for a budding home business or just a place to sort bills?  This will help you determine how much “space” you want to dedicate to this area.
  • What can you afford?  Setting a budget before you begin will help you keep things under control.  You may be surprised to find you have most of what you need hanging around the house already!
  • Out in the open or hidden?  Are you okay with things hanging out for all to see or do you need a way to hide things when not in use?

I think once you answer those questions, you’ll be better able to decide where an office may be possible.  Let’s look at some ideas for making a home office that meets your needs {hopefully!} & keeps you inspired.

The Desk

A desk is usually essential for any office space & can be the most expensive part.  You also have to think about the space you will be able to dedicate to a home office.  Make sure to take good measurements  & keep them in hand when shopping.  Nothing is worse than falling in love with a piece of furniture, bringing it home, & realizing it doesn’t fit!  Here’s some ideas that range from a desk with storage to a desk that stores away!

SIGNATURE DESIGN BY ASHLEY Signature Design by Ashley Cross Island Desk Hutch • Signature Design by Ashley • $300
Asstd National Brand Glass And Cherry Laminate Top Desk • Asstd National Brand • $170
Asstd National Brand Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Student Desk • Asstd National Brand • $140
Southern Enterprises Mirage Wall Desk • JCPenney • $292.50

These DIY ideas might be more budget friendly & more fun in my opinion.  ?

  • Wall Art into Table from Buzzfeed ~ This is an awesome idea!
  • Mini Office in a Chest from Martha Stewart ~ This could hide out as a bench or coffee table when you’re not using it.
  • DIY File Cabinet Desk from Over the Big Moon ~ This could be customized to fit most any space.  I’ve found old file cabinets at yardsales/thrift stores for as little as $10!

The Chair

Working at a desk all day can wreak havoc on your neck and back if you don’t have the right support.  While I have found some fairly decent chairs at thrift stores, I recommend investing in something comfy.  I’ve had to visit the chiropractor on many occasions because of improper sitting!

Asstd National Brand Network Office Chair • Asstd National Brand • $200
Asstd National Brand Bonded Leather Office Chair • Asstd National Brand • $255
Asstd National Brand Bonded Leather Office Chair • Asstd National Brand • $220
Asstd National Brand Traditional Upholstered Office Chair • Asstd National Brand • $345

I have a thing for white office chairs, in case you can’t tell by the selection!  My current chair is okay, but I have a pillow for extra bum support.  That’s probably why I hardly ever work at my desk.  ?  If you luck up & find a comfy office chair for cheap that’s not so great to look at, check out these links!

Storage & Stuff

A desk & a chair are the main attraction, so to say, in most offices.  Once you decide what will work for your space, you can get into the fun stuff!  Storage may come with the desk you choose or you may need more.  Maybe you want a plant or some artwork too.  A nice looking space is always inspiring!

Anthropologie Sutton Desk Collection • Anthropologie • $14–24
LIPPER INTERNATIONAL Lipper International Bamboo 4-Tier Desk Organizer • Lipper • $18.99
Kate Spade New York Whistle While You Work Tackle Box • Kate Spade • $36
UMBRA Umbra Woodrow Trash Can • Umbra • $19.99

Don’t forget to look around your home & see what can be repurposed.  Here are some DIY ideas for adding storage & zip to your new home office.

Okay, do y’all feel inspired yet?  I’m feeling super motivated to get my home office in better working {and better looking!} order!

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  1. Skye B says:

    Love the photos, I could give your makeshift office a run for it’s money haha…i use sections of the house…fingers crossed when I move soon I’ll get a better space ?

    • Kristie Cook says:

      My stuff winds up all over the house too! Maybe if I make it more fun to be in I’ll want to keep it organized! 🙂 Hope you find more space in your new place!

  2. Monique says:

    Some great ideas here…thanks for sharing :).
    personally I like using our formal dining room for my space….that is the room that seems to sit empty and unused in so many houses, might as well use it every day!

    • Kristie Cook says:

      That’s definitely an awesome space to have! My kitchen & dining area are all one open space, so no formal dining area. I hope to combine office & work room when I move to my son’s old room. 🙂

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