How to Turn a Produce Box Into a Wall Organizer


In my very first blog post, I showed a picture of a wall organizer I made from a produce box.  I wanted to make another for office organization & realized I’d never done a post about it!  This is about the simplest way I can think of to make a wall organizer.  The first one I made helps cover the electrical box in my kitchen as well.  Although this one started out for the office, I decided it looked better in the kitchen!  Now I’ll just have to make another for the office – yay!

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Taking Apart the Box

Below is a picture of what my original wall organizer looked like.  Sorry about the blurry picture, this was pre-blogging days!  It had a calendar, menu, & chore list.  There was also a place to hold erasable markers, a notepad, & odds & ends.  Some of these things are not needed now, so that’s why I decided to use the new one!

If you buy produce in bulk at the farmer’s market here, it comes in either a cardboard box or wooden crate.  Some places will give you a discount on your next purchase for returning the container & some don’t.  I’m starting out with this smaller wooden crate.

It’s made of thin slats of wood held together with wire & staples.  The first thing to do is remove the side panels.  They are held on by a wire loop & you just need some pliers to remove them.

Once the side panels are off, the box just unfolds into one long piece.  There are wood trim pieces around the sides that make it sturdier.  They also help hold the wall organizer off the wall!

The front side has more character with different wood tones & a neat produce stamp.  The wire loops used to close the box are ready made hangers!

You could hang this up as is, but I want a little color.  : )

Painting the Box

The wall I’m hanging this one has lovely {insert eye roll} faux wood paneling, so I want this to stand out a little.  I’m just using a kitchen sponge & acrylic paint to do this.  I’ve had this paint forever & got it on clearance at Wal-Mart.  You can use any acrylic or chalk paint.

The sponge is best used dry because the slats will warp if they get too wet.  I wanted it to have a dry brushed aged effect.  Using a sponge makes it easier to get under the wires to me.

I painted some slats light blue, some yellow, & left some bare.  The yellow is hard to see, but it makes a subtle change.

I also painted some clothespins apple green & glued them to the top with e6000 glue.  I’ll be using small s-hooks & binder clips to hang everything up.

Now I just need to hang everything up!


Here’s a rundown of what’s on my wall organizer:

  • The clothespins are holding a hand made spatula I received as a gift on a visit to Kentucky.
  • The calendar is made out of a picture frame.  I painted the frame, inserted a blank calendar, & glued binder clips to the back.  The binder clips help it hang on s-hooks & the glass makes it an erasable calendar!
  • A coffer mug serves as a holder for pencils & erasable markers.  I just wrapped some wire around the handle and bent it over in a hook shape to hold it up.
  • I’ll used a binder clip & s-hook to hold important things I might need before I head out the door.  Like a grocery list & coupons!

That was so easy I feel like I’m forgetting something!  You could use this as a utensil organizer too, since the wire makes it fairly sturdy.  I had 3 picture frames & a coffee mug hanging off the old one, so it can take it!

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  1. Monique says:

    That is so very clever! And I love the different colored slats 🙂
    Unfortunately here we don’t get cool boxes like that…just boring plastic bags ( although I try and remember to bring my own ;))

    • Kristie Cook says:

      I do get bags if I buy some of this & some of that. Okra & corn seem to be the ones that come in these boxes. I keep reusable ones in my trunk & purse & I rarely remember to use them!

  2. LydiaF says:

    I love this project. We come across produce boxes all the time in our neighborhood. I’d never thought to take one apart and use it as you have. Looks great! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg 🙂

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